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  1. Got an email today from Lowell regarding the above, ordering me to contact them. They advised in the email that the debt was sold to them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the first I have heard, i presumed that the debt was just passed to them for collection. As far as I am aware I should have recieved something from littlewoods to say as such. Can you please advise
  2. Whats the best address to write to Natwest Credit Cards at.
  3. I figure im going to have to start again. whats the letter I sent to them to get a copy of all the invoices I should have had. Damn online billing
  4. I used the spreadsheet from year. The charges lowell are listing are way higher in the last year and shop direct have kindly shut me out of my account so I cant see if they have added more late payment charges on to it.
  5. Ok, I have my head together now and want to take on these buggers. The debt currenly stands at around 450.00 and the entire thing is ppi and charges. I got a final response this week and they are refusing to refund. They have passed it to lowell. They delibrately sold the policy to me I was working full time, Temping. there is no way the policy would have covered me.
  6. Does anyone have an email address for Triton Debt Collection. It is a natwest credit card. They are looking for 690 odd quid but at least 250 is charges. They are nasty buggers on the phone and I would much rather email as If I have to complain to Ombudsman I have all the emails to send.
  7. As I see from other posts they are the same company what is the company name
  8. Also if their is an email address
  9. I have lost in total about 200.00 and bank ac is 300.00 od due to charges for missing a direct debit. I initially tried clearing the charges but I was getting 50-60 a month due to ac being od due to them taking charges. Has anyone had any luck with the co-op and who to write to
  10. I'm going to suggest the telephone harrasment letter along with a formal request for bank details
  11. A friend is in a pickle with these two beautys. They both have refused offers from a debt company my friend got help from. I am going to advise a parachute ac firstly. Am I correct in saying the original about plus one months interest is all to repay plus does anyone have their bank ac details?
  12. Natwest, I'm going to open a Barclays cash card account first thing tomorrow
  13. It was only 24 hrs but I'm fuming really really fuming
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