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  1. Hi, Before i send the second letter which you advised to do so, I got a reply from FREDICTION saying the applogies and closed the case.I did not receive any other letter from them after that. Thank you so much for your help!!!!
  2. Hi, Thank you for the letter, Where I would like to know to whom do you want me to send this letter Because initially i send to -Fredrickson and now i have received the letter from the Bryan Carter solictors Thank you
  3. Hi I don't owe any money to my knowledge to them, Last week i send a Prove it letter to Fredrickson LTD in a registered post. This week I received a letter from "Bryan Carter Solicitors " where writing says - Payment must be made in full 14 days failing which we will recommend to our client(Arrow Global Guernsey Limited) that proceedings be issued without further notice. Should a proceedings be issued,additional charges will be added i.e 256.89+50+15=321.89. Iam wondering what is happening? Who are these guys sending threatening letter. Same kind of letter with the above fines was send by Fredrickson before after when I did not reply, they send a letter saying me to pay the actual amount in a payment location. Now after sending the Registered post they are sending a same kind of letter through a Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP. Could some one HELP me Please. Thank you and looking forward for your help!!!!
  4. Hi, I dont know anything about the debt? But I have send them a prove it letter in registered post ?Let me wait and see wht reply im going to get it.But in the meantime What I wonder is who are these guys, just sending a letter i owe money without clear details, how are they getting my details ?
  5. Fredrickson Intl Ltd & Arrow Global They have written to me twice. Once to ask if I was at the address (didn't reply) then the second was a very brief outline of the apparent debt I have, which is with Arrow Global (never heard of them). They put up balance of 256 which i never owed them, Iam wondering how they got my name and sending letter i owe them, Last week they send asking me to pay, if not i will get ccj,and today i received saying contact us proposals of settlement and put up pay card, and a nearest payment loacation to pay.. could any one advice how should i deal with this please...?
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