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  1. Moorcroft - Told them that the debt was in dispute they said they would speak to Virgin next thing I knew there was another letter threatening court action. I even offered to pay half to get rid of them but they wouldn't accept it. (debt is £60) Ignored them and now they have sold the debt to Rossendales Collect.
  2. I have had this very problem with Moorcroft. I first told Virgin that I wasn't paying the bill as it was miss sold to me. They told me that I would have to pay the rest of my contract which I refused to do. They told me to write a letter to there head office stating my dispute which I did with no reply. I called them and at the beginning of the conversation they told me they had on record that they had received my letter I then got passed around form pillar to post and they said I had to write again to the head office. I told them I had already done this with no reply. they then told me that I could email which I did and they emailed back say ing they couldn't deal with it and I had to write to head office!! Then the moorcroft letters started. I spoke to them and they said that I needed to attached all the info the my account and they would put it in dispute. I did this and then after a while they sent more letters. I called them yesterday and offered them half to settle. They refused it and said it would have to be the full amount so I said no. the guy on the phone said it would go to court and I would have to pay £150 court costs so which is double what I owe so I should just pay the debt now (which I found very pushy!). I refused and said I would fight the court action. I am worried now and I want to just clear the debt but after reading these thread am reluctant Could someone please advise whether I should just pay or keep fighting it?
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