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  1. all items i sent wher addressed in accordance with the details provider wrote down. ie for the attension of ------- ----- not to be opened and the address given so i fail to see or accept that she has not received or seen the contents. The contents also included a letter clearly stating the contents of each package ( 3 packages in total ) It also made clear as to how they should be returned. I can also quote what she said " i will put all the details on a spread sheet ) I tried to get legal advice at the time from several sources and received the same advice from all, t
  2. according to my mp at the time he said they should return them .Regarding sweating i am not sweating but dont want my paper statements to turn up on a council tip for anyone to find. Its not so easy as i discovered to get bank stements for bank accounts that have been closed for a number of years. I even have a letter provided by one bank saying it was no longer possible even with a court order to get them. Yes turned out to be incorrect and after making lots of phone calls was able to get them but required an extension of time. If what you say is correct they never return a
  3. thanks for the reply it was my impression that when they receive statements they are suposed to copy them and return the originals asap. regarding any possible legal action i am if it comes to it willing to follow through but it would not be against dwp it would be against a named person. The statements where sent and addressed to a named person with instructions that they where to be returned to me. The mp i spoke to at the time did say that they are suposed to return statements. Another thing i am annoyed about is to date the interviewer has never responded to any
  4. Update received a letter yesterday asking me to attend another compliance interview on 5th december with latest bank statements. This is the first correspondance ive had from them since sending everything they insisted on. When i sent them the stuff i attached a letter instructing them to return my bank statements they haven't done so. I will have my latest statements for this appointment however as they haven't returned the statements that they already have i intend giving them a letter stating if all statements sent to them are not returned to me within 7 days i wi
  5. ive not switched yet as i was waiting for the warm home payment.I will check the comparison sites and see if theres any better deals.The price difference that i was given when ebico contacted me if switching to robin hood was only a couple of £ as im a low user so at the time decided to leave it.Ebico also advised waiting until received the warm home discount.That came through about 4 weeks ago. I also dont want to have to shop around again in november when robinhood price may go up. I would sooner get a 12 month fix.I also have phone and bb with sse i have to say the basic bb for me from sse
  6. cant you login to your sse account and enter your readings
  7. i did receive a letter some time ago from ebico with a form to return to enable the switch but as im waiting for the warm home discount that may not be received till may i didnt return the form its worth concidering that if you are also eligable for the discount
  8. im getting more angry and short tempered ive just been to the jobcentre to hand in the S.A.R addressed as stated on the dwp website. I asked for a receipt the person asked what it was and could he open it as he needed to know what was in it. I said it is a legal document and could only be opened by the person it is addressed to and he said he needed to know who it was for i pointed to the name and address on the envelope and said it was for that person and as the security approached he said he needed to open it i said it is completed and addressed as instructe
  9. I had an apointment at my doctors on wednesday morning and was taken bad when their doc sent for paramedics got out of hospital thursday when i got home i just put everything that had arrived including stuff that came that day into 3 packages and passed it into the jobcentre not sure if everything has been sent but thats it as far as im concerned if they want anything else or if not complete they can get it themselves. I will do a sar request for the dwp over the weekend and hand that in monday.
  10. yes they said 3 accounts all active at the same time 2 lots of interest total 85 i couldnt remember the 3rd account but as i said in other posts i had one current account for the whole period that had a linked savings accout for 12 months that was one lot of interest closed funds put in current account the other account was opened 3 months later and closed after 3 months i had forgotten about that one that paid next to nothing that was closed in the october cash in 2 current account. I paid for a car in november and collected the car december 1st. That took most
  11. when i sent the letter on the 3rd i also asked them to advice me as to what interest rate do they use for their calculations they todate havent replied if it wasnt for the MP contacting them i wouldnt have known i had untill the 20th. I believe the MP phoned them. Im unwilling to phone them as i want details in writing. Its also looking like i may not receive all the statements untill pos wednesday i know there are 3 packages in total 1 received today 2 more to follow and i dont know how long it takes for dwp to get them from when i hand them into the job centre the
  12. received some stuff today more to follow the interest payments cover the periods October 2014 to October 2015 and october 2015 to october 2016 and the interest rate was just under 5% still not received a reply to the letter i sent on 3rd.
  13. received phone call yesterday from my local mp's office saying they had contacted dwp and i have an extension to 20th March. Im now waiting for a letter from dwp confirming this.
  14. i did see my MP on friday i quote him ( what they are doing is legal however morally wrong ) he is also writing to ask for an extension. Im not sure on making a complaint at this stage as i have nothing in writting from them i have been told that it was verbal and stands. Im thinking about perhaps doing the following when i get a reply regarding extra time. Writing back and asking for an undertaking that all documents ( statements ) will be returned to me and maybe give them a deadline to return them. Also stating that they do not have my concent to use any of
  15. a letter ive sent today via job centre to dwp also got a receipt and included a letter from the bank Please find enclosed a letter from Lloyds bank confirming that the documents you require have been ordered. As they may not be received in time to meet the deadline you have set I ask that you extend the deadline in order for me to receive all the documents and forward them to you. I also request that you advice me as to what interest rates DWP use to make your calculations. the letter from lloyds states it could take up to 10 days to be received. LLoyds also told me when i
  16. i dont have a scanner anyone recommend an inexpensive one??
  17. what happens when they receive all these statements will they copy them and return the ones i send to them as there will be far to many for me to have photocopied.
  18. thats the one daveydavey and i had the 12 months saver with it and when the saver with it finished that cash went into the current account thats why i would like to kno what rate of interest dwp use when calculating i paid the max into the savings one for the full 12 months i have the details of that and the other savings account open for 3 months about .got .43 interest on that i cant remember the interest rate on the 12 months saver but the interest received was one of the ones they quoted the club one ballance did fluctuate but the interest i got from that account was the other paymen
  19. not sure im with you kayleigh the lloyd account was variable interest as amount in the account went up and down so did the interest rate i spent most of my savings on a car as i need one for shopping and as im getting on a bit wanted one that would last any car ive had in the past has always been 12 or 14 years old when ive changed cars
  20. I have the interest received for the 3 accounts and the closing dates each time the funds from the savings accounts would have been paid into the current account so thinking about it i actualy got interest on the money that was paid in 2 the current account for the savings accounts twice twice if you can follow me i never thought about that untill now so that accounts for why the interst received for the current account was so high both savings accounts was closed 1 in july 2014 = 12 months saver thats one that had the interest amount they mentioned the other savings
  21. lloyds have said they will send me a letter with the details but doubt that would be enough i get £4.79 a week pension credit savings element i have no idea how much i would lose in HB or Council tax if they take that off me i already have to pay the shortfall on both .i feel like they are accusing me of doing something i havent done Yes i can if i can get everything together prove ive never had 10000 at any one time an when its done and over i wont save again ill just start going out eating properly and start smoking again and every time i have enough start taking holid
  22. thanks for the reply can i also do this to get info from dwp so i can get details of phone calls to and from them. Would you have any idea how the dwp calculate possible savings from interest received ie the interest rates i was getting varied depending on how much was in the accounts the amounts varied all the time up/down in the current account interest added monthly. One savings account linked was a max monthly deposit interest paid after 12 months then reverted to next to nothing rate so cash was moved to current account. no idea about the other savings accou
  23. i attended a compliance interview 22 february they said hmrc informatiom about 2 interest payments leads them to believe that i could have had over 10000 in 3 accounts that they say where active at the same time when i banked with lloyds i have never had more than one current account and one savings account active at any time i banked with then from 2004 to 2015.They have said i have to provide bank statements from 2010 to present of every bank account i have held and if i dont i will lose my pension savings credit. I do transfer accounts to get the perks the banks offer for swi
  24. thanks for the reply i thought as much the silly thing is on the envelope it says "to be opened by the addressee only" and on the letter they say " if no responce is received to this letter,within 10 days of issue,we believe it is not unreasonable to assume that you are the individual we wish to contact and therefore you should be aware that we will contact you again regarding this matter"so if you dont open it and couldnt be bothered returning it to sender they assume a lot. Its reminds me of when i put on a letter that the postman handed me RTS and handed it back to him he asked what RT
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