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  1. I don't see any prescribed terms? Are they on the back or seperate? What about default notice? I bet you that the DN will be bad - missing an important paragraph regarding OFT debt sheet.
  2. Have you got the DN to post up? If it was issued to you from [approx] 2008 to 2010, chances are very high that it'll be a bad notice.
  3. I'm confused. If they already have a charging order, why are they sending the baliffs?
  4. Hi Iwasoncehappy. I'm in my early 40's and was in a very similar situation. (still am a little...) I would personally negotiate a lower payment for the secured loan and reduce all the unsecured loans to £5 a month each. Write to them all and explain your situation and tell them the situation can be reviewed in 12 months. Give yourself some breathing space. If any of them don't agree to that, stop paying them. When the get shirty, offer them the £5 a month again or ask to see a copy of the original agreement. Don't be bullied by these 'merchant bankers' any more. Keep all le
  5. Why not phone Northampton and find out? Sounds like it's been 'stayed'.
  6. Just having a look at that application form/agreement. The terms are described as being 'overleaf' which means on the other side of the page and not a seperate sheet. So the question is, are those terms indeed on the other side of your signed page? Well, at the bottom of the form you have a cut-off section for balance transfers. Surely, if the terms were indeed on the other side as they should be, important information would be 'cut-off' if this form was put to use?
  7. Thank you for the link Rebel. No PPI - am going through all my statements to see if there are any penalty charges. The credit agreement is an application form with terms and conditions on a seperate sheet and I'm very interested as to how the copy sent to me last year has a different date stamp to the one sent last week by SCM. No creditors signature on either also despite the application form having a space for one and mentioning that the agreement comes into effect by their signature. Am 99% sure it's unenforceable and am annoyed that I've got a default CCJ on it - hence the set-as
  8. I've just got a letter from SCM along with all my credit card transcactions and a (another) copy of the original application form. Thing is, this copy is datestamped different to the one LTSB sent me last year? Really weird letter too defending their actions and advising me not to go for set aside as I would incur more court charges (not might - will!). Any help is very welcome & appreciated! Thanks in advance, GTG
  9. Hi everyone. I've got a largish debt (£11,500+) with LTSB (Credit card) which I stopped paying 18 months ago due to personal/financial reasons. I looked at first at trying to contact them for help - having had up to then an excellent credit rating - but they weren't interested, so I looked at my other options. I asked to see a copy of the actual agreement and was first sent a reconstituted agreement, and then what I believe to be an application form with the prescribed terms 'overleaf' but sent on a seperate stapled sheet. This was signed & dated by me but not by them, and given t
  10. Regarding the Set Aside with the Northampton Bulk court, does anyone know how this is processed? Will this all be done by post or will there be an actual court hearing to decide whether Set Aside will be issued? Thanks again,
  11. Hi all. I'll try to make this as concise as possible - any help or advice will be welcome. Got into financial difficulties after seperating from my wife and stopped paying my LTSB CC at the end of 2009. I look to go down the UE route because they were unsympathetic to my circumstances and I really couldn't see any other way out. So the usual back and forth letters ensued and it was passed on to Moorcroft who eventually in November 2010 wrote: "...we have been in contact with LTSB who have advised us that a copy of the agreement is not available" I thought that that wo
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