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  1. Well 2 phone calls and now another letter from the solicitor today. Excel must be getting desperate for funds with all the postage and call charges they accrue. Still not paying and still ignoring the letters. Mo
  2. Well thank you for that. I am a 67 year old blue badge holder, retired and living alone. I have never had a parking ticket in over 45 years of driving or a point on my licence. These letters threaten Bailiffs, black marks on credit scores for 6 years and the cost just keep going up. I am quite savvy and this forum has kept me from wavering..... but I can understand why people pay up just to try and stop the harrassment. Mo
  3. Well Excel got my details from DVLA as well....apparently they are allowed to buy your details. I had an all day ticket at a cost of £2.50 and was parked for about 3 Hours. The bays were not marked and I parked next to a row of cars. Excel say I was causing and obstruction...utter dosh. I didn't even know they had supposedly stuck a ticket on my windscreen as it wasn't there when I returned. The first I knew was a month later when they sent me a late payment 'fine' They are a nasty lot and I don't think DVLA should be allowed to give them names and addresses etc. I will
  4. Well through this forum I have learned that Graham White solcitors and Machael Sobell are all part of Excel anyway I just wonder how many people without the internet actually pay up because they are afraid not to. I bet Anne Robinson and the Watchdog team would sort them out. In fact if they keep harrassing me I may just give them a call. Mo
  5. Well I have had not one....but 2 telephone calls today from different people at Graham White solicitors. Having explained my point to the first one this morning I wasn't prepared to explain again to the second. Neither call was threatening and I have made it very clear that I am not paying them another penny. I have told them to feel free to take me to court and I will point out that I sent them a cheque for £30 and only to accept it as full and final payment. The cheque was cashed and as far as I am concerned that should be an end to it. Watch this space!!! Mo
  6. Well at first I was really worried, now I just ignore them. I haven't had any phone calls but if I do I shall refuse to pay. In the unlikely event it gets to court, I will stand my ground . They are just nasty bullies and this forum has helped keep me strong. Mo
  7. Basically to hopefully get them off my back. I had a valid parking ticket diplayed on my windscreen but according to excel I was parked in a non designated area. I did NOT have any notice from them stuck on my windscreen when I returned to my car and the first I knew was when I got a letter from them a month later saying I owed them £100 late payment. My argument is...how could I have a 'late payment' for something I never even knew I had in the first place. This has been going on sice February with each letter ever more threatening than the last. Anyway the £30 I eventually sent the
  8. This is exactly the notice I received today for £207. 25. Thanks for all the support, I dread to think of the sleepless nights I would have had endured otherwise. My credit rating has always been excellent and it is reassuring to know they can't alter that. I will wait for the next notification and continue to ignore the threats. Mo
  9. Well guys, I have now had a couple of letters from a debt collecting agency as the £30 cheque I sent to excel as full and final payment....although being cashed they are still not satisfied. Well today I have received a NOTICE OF INTENDED LITIGATION from Graham White Solicitors and the amount has now risen to £207. 25. Next apparently is proceedings being issued in the County Court. They are also saying my credit rating will be affected for 6 years and in the event of a judgement order a Bailiff can attend my property and remove goods for sale at public auction. I have so far ignored a
  10. Here we go again...now got a red final demand notice from Excel prior to Court Action. WOW they don't give up do they. BUT I am still not paying them another penny. They have cashed the £30 cheque even though I wrote 'full and final payment' on the reverse. As far as I am concerned they shouldn't have cashed it if they didn't accept that. These letters really don't bother me now and I just put them away with all the others. Thanks guys for the help and support...much appreciated. Mo
  11. This forum has been a godsend to me...I was worrying so much when I got the first 2 letters....I now have 4 and have completely put them out of mind. Thanks everyone. Mo :whoo:
  12. Did anyone see WATCHDOG on tv last night? omg how topical was that! So many PPCs in trouble. Excel wasn't mentioned by name BUT any of the complaints could have been about them.
  13. I actually wrote 'full and final payment' on the back of the cheque so I agree with you.
  14. Thanks HB...I will definately NOT waiver. As far as I am concerned the £30 covers whatever they consider I owe them for contravening their parking laws. I still don't see what law I supposedly broke....but no way am I paying a 'late payment' for something I didn't receive in the first place. Regards Mo
  15. Well I have now received my 4th letter from Excel. They have cashed the cheque for £30 but not accepted it as a full and final payment. They say if I don't send them another cheque for £70 it will be put into the hands of a debt agency. BUT I am taking everyones advice and NOT paying...or replying to any more letters from them.
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