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  1. Thanks for the info. I actually got it wrong, it's not in the tenancy agreement, they were just told verbally when signing for the house so even less of an issue now. The agent did say if they had smart meters installed then the landlord would charge to revert them back to standard meters. I've already told my daughter they have no legal grounds to impose such a charge.
  2. Hey guys, just after a bit of advice. My daughter has recently moved house, she is responsible for paying all the bills including gas and electricity. There is currently a pre payment meter installed for the gas, she does not want this as she has always paid by direct debit. Every supplier she has contacted so far to have the meter changed has stated they only install smart meters now, this included British gas. Her current supplier, npower have told her they are not changing any meters at the moment until the transition to EON is complete, approx 2-3 months!!! There is a clause in her tenancy agreement stating that smart meters must NOT be installed. Is this clause actually legal and enforceable? It just seems such a weird clause to me. What possible reason could the landlord have for refusing the installation of smart meters? Thanks
  3. Got a reply to the appeal. The decided to cancel the PCN "On this occasion" See attached PDF 2378488_ASIVPV001_[9].pdf Thanks for all the help guys. As always this forum is awesome
  4. Hey guys. Can anyone give me any links to cases similar to this when the company has backed down or lost their claim? My daughter has just messaged me panicking about having to pay the full amount if she loses and wants to just pay the reduced amount. I'm so certain that she will win, I've told her I'll pay anything over the reduced amount because I know she won't lose this but I want to ease her mind a bit. Thanks.
  5. To be perfectly honest I am thinking my daughter should just wait it out now and see what happens anyway. I don't believe ECP have a leg to stand on with this. The parking charge is excessive for a 20 minute stay, the required parking fee was paid, we have proof the payment was made with both a ticket and CCTV from the car park. Surely they are just relying on ignorance in the hope that maybe 2 or 3 people in 10 will just pay up out of fear??
  6. Well it's too late now anyway. I don't see how there could be any issues because they paid the parking, can prove they paid the parking, the machine was faulty so I don't see how any judge could award in ECP favour if they had the nerve to take it that far
  7. For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement 05/09/2019 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] 12/09/2019 3 Date received 14/09/2019 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? [Y/N?] Yes 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Number plate photographs 6 Have you appealed? [Y/N?] post up your appeal] Yes as mentioned above. I do not have details of this. Have you had a response? [Y/N?] post it up No (Only sent appeal today) 7 Who is the parking company? Euro Car Parks 8. Where exactly [carpark name and town] Stafford - Sheridan Centre Car Park Car Park entry time recorded as 12:46:17, exit time recorded as 13:06:04 Too late I think, They sent the appeal through an online form. All information to the best of my knowledge is in the post above.
  8. Hi My daughter has just contacted me regarding a parking charge she has received for parking on a pay and display car park owned by euro car parks. It is the type of machine that requests the registration number is entered and printed on the ticket but whilst paying the machine spat out a ticket when they had only entered one digit from their registration number. They still have the ticket and can prove that they did not overstay and that they paid for parking, it was only 30 minutes they paid for so ticket sharing would be highly unlikely anyway. These people have still sent a demand for £60, rising to £100 if they do not pay within 14 days. I have suggested they appeal and tell them if they want to take the matter to court they are more than welcome because they have the proof that they paid and there is CCTV all over the car park so I cannot see any judge in the land ruling against her. Has anyone else had any similar experiences with this company? I cannot answer the questions as requested for this type of parking as the PCN is at my daughters house. If it will help I will ask her to log in and post them though. Thanks guys.
  9. OK thanks for that information. I am not up to date with consumer laws as many things seem to change rapidly these days but that is certainly good news. Based on that though surely them helping themselves to money from a bank card they have no rights to use is just plain theft and fraud?? Hopefully TS will shed more light on this when they speak to them.
  10. So I've just tried to complain via the ombudsman service but apparently we either need a deadlock letter which supanet have already tried to suggest they do not issue, or it needs to be 8 weeks from the original complaint and it's only been 3. Looks like I can't escalate the complaint yet but I am sure trading standards will be happy to hear about supanets abuse and misuse of debit card details. I used to enjoy this complaining lark, I'm starting to get that buzz all over again!!
  11. Thanks for replying, it wasn't a continuous card payment it was a one off as all bills were paid via direct debit. There was never an agreement for continuous card payments to be set up so supanet should not have had any authority to take an additional card payment. My daughter has just messaged me saying that the card payment is going to be reversed by the bank and they'll have the payment back by tomorrow by 6pm. They have also been advised to take the matter to the ombudsman and make a complaint to trading standards.
  12. update on the whole supanet saga, we have been emailing back and forth to attempt to resolve this situation and find a suitable payment method this weekend I found that supanet had just taken a larger sum of money from my daughters bank account, even though the direct debit had been cancelled. I advised her to go to the bank and request the money is returned to her under the direct debit guarantee as the amount was disputed and they had taken £197.98 instead of £162.50. The bank have informed her that it wasn't taken by direct debit, it was a card transaction from a card that was used for a one off payment some time ago!!! The bank have given her a number to ring to resolve this. I have told her to report the transaction as fraudulent as supanet have clearly held card details without authorization and used them! I am assuming the next logical step would be a complaint to ombudsman services and to report supanet for fraudulently charging a card without authorization. Thoughts?
  13. Maybe we should contact them again and point out their own T&Cs!
  14. Isn't this just stating that they can accept other payment methods though but there may be additional charges? We're not concerned with paying via debit card, just the method they are use to collect and process the payment with no alternative options
  15. My thoughts exactly. I know most people have internet these days but it's a dangerous game to assume that everybody does!
  16. Hey @Andyorch Thanks for helping. @Luna1992 has asked about alternative payment options, she initially requested a bill sent to her because obviously she now has no internet at home. They have refused this.
  17. TBH I'm not sure. I've told her to sign up here so she can jump in if needed. She will reply when she can.
  18. They have offered no alternative payment method, just this go2pay link. They are charging an early termination charge and a cease fee.
  19. Thanks for the links. I've already read 2 of them from ispreview. Quite frankly it's shocking that this company still exists. That link about go2pay is quite worrying and further reinforces my opinion that my daughter should not use it.
  20. Hi all. My daughter signed up with supanet 18 months ago on a 2 year contract. Something I was horrified to hear because they are the only company I know that are promoting 2 year contracts!! It's obvious why though as they can't keep customers any other way. Anyway, she is moving house and has taken my advise to cancel and just pay the fee but supanet have told her that the only way to pay is via a text message link that has been sent to her for something called go2pay. Now me being the suspicious character I am I wanted her to pay by a traceable means. Neither I or anyone I know has ever heard of go2pay and I don't trust it or supanet for that matter. I've read plenty of horror stories about people being chased for fictitious unpaid bills with this company. Anyone advise where she stands with this? Is she entitled to demand a different payment method? Thanks
  21. At the price they are stating it is definitely possible for them to buy, at least 3 out of the 4 tenants are interested anyway. 4th has not been spoken to yet but I would imagine they also would be on board. As stated, I doubt any major work would be needed because it is a fairly modern block. The letter, as posted was only dated 29th January so they still have almost 2 months to sort it. I'm not sure any of them knows what to do but I've linked my mother to this page and I'll tell her to pass the link to anyone else in the block who needs additional information and they can post here to ask any specific questions. Thanks for the info guys and thanks for the links stu007
  22. Thanks, I'll take a look at that. Not sure about the value of the entire block, 4 flats probably valued in the region of £90-100k each. Fairly modern building, not aware of any major work that is needed. So that figure of £250 is the amount that the freehold is being sold for? That does seem very cheap. I believe that the current occupiers will be interested in buying as the lease is running quite short now. It will largely be dependant on whether there are any other things to consider with them collectively taking over the freehold. I would also assume that they will want to so that an outside party who will only be interested in a return on the investment cannot take over. It sounds fairly complex, as stated they are consulting a solicitor to advise them but I just want to gather as much information as possible so my mother won't be worrying too much about this. Thanks for the advice guys, I'll pass this on to my mother.
  23. Sorry for bumping this but I really could do with some advice as my mother does not know where she stands at the moment. She's a bit worried. Thanks
  24. Hey guys, My mother has just received a section 5A offer notice for the freehold on her flat and has asked me to get some advice on what this actually means to her. She lives in a block of four leasehold privately owned flats and each of the owners has just received this notice. The lease on the flats currently have about 53 years remaining. One of the tenants enquired a couple of years ago regarding extending the lease but they were quoted £10k+ which they considered to be OTT. Now they have received this notice and my mother wants to know what it will mean to them should they accept the offer regarding their tenancies and how many years they have remaining. I have read on lease-advice.org and sort of understand how they will collectively take over the freehold should they all (or the majority) agree to do so but what is the situation then? Do they still have the remaining 53 years on the lease or do they own the building and land outright? Obviously I know one of them will not own all the land but it seems rather confusing as to how it works afterwards. As it currently stands they are only charged a token rent which they do not actually pay until they sell up and leave. It is a very small yearly figure anyway. They have contacted a solicitor but have not had the appointment yet so any advice would be greatly appreciated as my mother is worrying about this because she has had enough to cope with recently with the death of my brother. I just want to ease her mind so she doesn't have to worry about this issue. I have scanned the letter and removed personal information.
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