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  1. I spoke to my solicitor and this was her response The Land Registry will serve notice on Irwin Mitchell and it will be up to them to prove they have an interest or rather that RBS has an interest in the property It will take 28 days can anyone tell me what the process will be for this?
  2. I've checked the claim numbers they are 2 seperate claims, although the land registry shows one restriction with both our names.
  3. We had a ccj issued to both of us although the documents where sent to the marital home I was not living there so didn't receive anything, she went to court to try and negotiate a settlement with RBS, but the lack of paperwork and a sympathetic judge made it very difficult for RBS. The case was heard at Darlington court and the last judgement was for RBS to come up with the paperwork, they didn't, therefore the debt was judged unenforcable and a notice of discontinuance was issued, but as I had not been to court over this I fail to see how the judgement can only refer to one person in a joi
  4. Hi all new to the forum, I could do with some help here. In 2007 is split from my partner, we had a joint bank account with RBS. 2008 RBS converted our unsecured loan into a secured loan and placed a charge on the house, which is jointly owned. Roll forward to this year, my ex-wife has moved out and the property is empty and up for sale. During the last 3 years she has been to court 4 times and every time RBS solicitors (Irwin Mitchell) didn't bring the original loan agreement, eventually the judge got fed up and gave them 21 days to provide the evidence, they came up with no
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