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  1. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  3. They are a big chain but only the one hotel in the UK. Write the review based on a visit to the hotel, you only got as far as checkin, and mention the parking. I've seen parking mentioned in other reviews that were just as unfavourable The hotel has a Facebook page too!
  4. You should now appeal to Parking Eye - in writing, don't ever phone - using all the usual criteria but especially signage Was it dark when you arrived because if it was then that strengthens your hand considerably. You could also email the ever helpful manager at the hotel and remind her that the hotel is equally and jointly responsible for the actions of their agents and that the hotel could be on the wrong end of a costly claim if PEye try their luck at a court case. Copy this email into Leonardo Hotels' head office in Berlin. The company behind the Heathrow set up was incorporated only last year and its two directors both give their correspondence addresses at the hotel but no email addresses. You should, in any event, post a truthful account of your experiences, on Trip Advisor to alert others.
  5. Seems to me Parking Eye have admitted, in writing, that the speculative invoice they sent you was an error. They are surely under an obligation to right that wrong and restore the situation to what it was prior to their action. That should include the setting aside of a CCJ which is a black mark against your credit score which is entirely down to them. I would expect PE to co-operate and pay for the setaside rather than avoid it. I cannot see a judge taking nothing but a very dim view of their heavyhanded actions and then trying to duck out of their responsibilities.
  6. Find it strange that they can prevaricate so much and yet refuse an appeal to the supposedly independent appeal body because of your inaction in responding to their speculative invoice. Me thinks their regulator should be informed as a first step to making a complaint.
  7. Sky call centre staff have a tendency to ignore what you're telling them - they will claim there is no record of a call made with regard to something, especially if it means Sky lose money. Send an email to the Executive Support Team and outline your complaint and tell them they have only a few days to sort it before you take the matter further. Insist! Tell the debt collector to crawl back under his stone.
  8. While Sky will claim they have no notes as to your conversation a contract must have been confirmed in writing. Ask Sky to see a copy. You were cold called so Sky's helpful sales people would have needed you to provide your name and address so notes would have had to be made. Was the original sum of £15 taken from your account at all. If so Sky would find it difficult to argue against you. If they continue to claim the additional sums are due file a formal complaint. They'll have eight weeks to resolve it and when they don't escalate it to the Ombudsman and copy Ofcom into the correspondence. The regulator is rightfully paying more attention these days due to a large increase in the number of complaints. It maywell appear to be a hassle to chase a company like Sky for what is right and proper but they rely on these obstructive and time wasting tactics to lessen the resolve of those making complaints. Stick to your guns and Sky will cave in - eventually
  9. According to a report in the Telegraph Sky is facing an investigation by Ofcom over its cumbersome cancellation procedures. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/consumertips/household-bills/10580733/Sky-reviews-cancellation-policy-as-it-faces-regulator.html Maybe time for everyone who has had a problem with cancelling a Sky subscription to drop the regulator a brief note?
  10. I am having the same issues with sky about cancelling a subscription but in my case it is sky that don't have a leg to stand on as I did send them a written cancellation notice by signed for delivery and it they who are squirming while trying to extract cash from me. I would file a written formal complaint with sky sending it drecorded delivery and keeping the receipt and the printout from the royal mail website very carefully. I would also make doubly sure the message on your answerphone is secured by making a back up or something. Once received sky have eight weeks to resolve your complaint before it can go to the ombudsman. If he decides to investigate that's going to cost sky five or six times what they're claiming from you. You can also report sky to Ofcom. They will do nothing but record the complaints and if they see a pattern emerging - and they should given the traffic on complaints on sky's own community forum - might just tell sky to get their act together.
  11. Having the same problem trying to cancel the entire subscription package. Despite logging onto the site via a password they won't let you cancel online. After a short, brief and clear note sent by RD I got exactly the same response back - phone us, we want to try and persuade you to stay. Has anyone ever queried their stance on this with trading standards, OFT, Ofcom etc?
  12. Absolute Locate are based in Huddersfield according to their website - you have to look for that details, almost needed a private investigator to track it down. But it gives a Data Protection number. Data Controller is a Natalie Bourner. According to the Consumer Credit Licence this is a sole trader. But a Director Check at Companies House reveals this lady is a director of one company, Global Debt Recovery of New Malden. Small world innit. Shop em!
  13. Neither can I via Google but someone here may have been able to find an e-mail addy. Surely even the most unsophisticated company will have an email address for a responsible officer?
  14. Does anyone have an email address for Transcom Worldwide, preferably yo a person who has some influence and who can be held responsible if the cretins continue to chase an dead, statute barred account? Many thanks
  15. Just say if a debt was owed, which is asserted it isn't, then it would, by virtue of not appearing on credit reference agency files, be statute barred.
  16. If this is being passed onto Ruthbridge then there are big problems with it from their side. Demanding to see the evidentiary proof from Cabot would sink Ruthbridge before their threatograms get into their stride.
  17. Keep the letters you have received from Billycard carefully. You may need them later.
  18. Telling MHall debts are statute barred should be enough - but for them your admitting there is a debt, even if old, is rason enough to chase. UI would tell them that IF there WERE any debts they would be so old as to be Statute Barred. Complaint to OFT, FOS and Trading Standards are a must. Also consider Ofcom for wrong use of a phone system and the Info Commissioner for wrong use of data.
  19. I'll bet Mertifarce are happy with an arrangemetn of £70pm! If you've paying that a year or more you're not far off paying the whole amount off You should have received an annualt statement from Meritfarce showing how much you've paid and how much is outstanding. You would know how much you've paid and you have the original amount so you can work out whose right or not. Send Meritforce's cretins a short, to the point note asking for all such statements to be sent to you pronto. In the meantime send Blackhorse a CCA request for the original documents.
  20. Weren't they the clever, smug ones when you phoned them and they came over all strong and demanding. You owe us money so hand it over! Sounds like Dick Turpin holding up a stagecoach!. But now look at it. You've written to them, they have to respond and they have no response. They have no paperwork. They have to admit they don't and will need to go and get it - if it even exists. This is a classic example of how debt collectors operate and a cl;assic example of why no one should ever phone them and lay paper audit trails which can be used against them. I would bet my Grand National winnings the next you hear from these chancers is a grovelling sort of "we'll leave it then" letter.
  21. Keep an occasional eye on your credit files and if Losers place any additional information, or try to extend the limit dates or whatever be ready to deliver a short, sharp shock to their banking system.
  22. Ofcom and the ICO are pretty toothless when it comes to marketing texts and calls - both organisations claim they can't investigate every single complaint - so there is not much point in you doing more than just alerting their officers to your concerns at the moment. There is no need for a lengthy log of calls/messages for instance. A simple note on the lines of "I'm being plagued by this firm, please look into it" should be enough for now. So if/when they write you'll be able to say you've filed a complaint with the ICO/Ofcom and now I'd like to do the same with you,please send me your complaints procedure.
  23. They'll just pass the debt onto another, even more desperate firm. Keeping a copy of the letter sent to these grasping cretins is a good idea. Checking your credit file with all three of the main agencies is a good idea. If there is any mention of this and related to these cretins on any of them you have grounds to start a claim for defamation. That'll cost them!
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