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  1. Sam, you are absolutely right. I just followed TomTom throughout which took me all the time coming off A40 before the flyover, getting me into this mess. Following your note, I noticed I could have continue A40 flyover and then to exit into the round-about before proceeding towards A3220 West Cross Route (south-bound). Great, thanks again, Sam! My issue is sorted out at last! Dear RichardM Thanks for your thought which I agree with. I assume there appears to have mandatory right turn signs only at lanes 2 and 3.
  2. Thanks every one site team, Crem & Sam! From Sam, my query 2 is well-clear now. Now that the diagram is in place, hopefull I could re-phrase my query 1 clearer. ...as in the diagram, might be an ignorant question, can I start with the 2nd lane (with the turn right sign), getting to the * in the middle of the junction, to move straight through the Traffic Light 3(straight to South). Or simply there is no route allowed to go straight from North to South. If I am allowed to take the 2nd lane to go straight to South, the timing of traffic lights 2 & 3 is troublesome as described above (Traffic Light 2 green whilst Traffic Light 3 red and vice versa), it always made me stucked in the middle * (as in the diagram) and blocking way for cars behind. and the camera is watching, apparently I haven't got any pcn for this apart from the twos for illegal U-turn in front of BBC world-wide.
  3. 2 queries relating to this Wood Lane U-Turn Penalty please? I was on A40 West Way east-bound passing the junction with Wood Lane, on the lane towards A3220 (to West Cross Route/Hammersmith City). Please see another illustration attached at the end. From the diagram PDF, my intention was to travel straight west to east, to go to West Cross Route south-bound. At the junction illustrated in PDF, I got confused with the lanes marking, the timing of the two Traffic lights 2 & 3, when I took the 2nd lane of the three (see with Traffic lights 1 & 2). I noticed the 2nd lane indicates the right turn, although I need to go straight through Traffic light 3. I was unsure if I can go straight in that instance. Went straight any way when green, but when I reached * marking in the diagram I still saw the red of Traffic Light 3. So I paused at *, but obviously blocking the car behind and received loud honking. There is something wrong here I suppose: a: Shall I just wait till green by Traffic light 3 in the middle of the junction, whilst blocking the car behind me b: Shall I go through the red of Traffic light 3 any way if the road is clear c: Or I shouldn't have gone straight passing through Traffic Light 3 and instead I could only take right turn into Wood Lane south-bound. After facing such repeated situations & confusion, one day I took the 1st lane turing left into Wood Lane north, that is when I started getting penalty for making a U-turn like others to reach back to the West Way East-bound & A3220 West Cross Route (south-bound). I have received 60 quids penalty twice in the same week already, as this is my daily commute. I am not sure if I have repeated more and am to receive the repeat penalties more. Q: I am just new with traffic rules, and wonder if I have to pay each same penalty no matter how many times I repeat within a short period whilst I am not aware of the nature of the contravention. Is there any discount as such to pay only once, ha har? Thanks very much for your responses. [ATTACH=CONFIG]25621[/ATTACH] scan0001b.pdf
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