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  1. A quick update on the situation. I had to ring again this morning to get my code, which i eventually received after around 30 mins on the phone. Itr was a full refund, so went to the local store (Kings Lynn, and it must be said that they are always very helpfull and friendly, not had a bad experience there as of yet). I bought a more expensive LED TV and that was it ( I thought) However as I did send an email to the CEO of the DSGi group (his address is on the internet) venting my frustration I was pleasantly surprised that I did receive a reply promising me that they will loo
  2. Hi, This is a small warning to hopefully put people off from buying anything from Curry's or Dixons and taking a whatever happens or premium insurance. I purchased a Samsung television in october 2010 from Currys. We have bought a lot of appliances from currys and up till now they have always been reasonably priced and the whatever happens has worked for me in the past, so i took th epremium version as this would (they promised) give me a loan tv, repairs within 10 days in stead of 21 and a better service. The television started to develop a loud buzzing noise from the transf
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