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  1. Update my friend has received a signed Agreement, doesn't state any particular bank etc, the ref number has been hand written by them, he has been sent approx 5 ref numbers but the one they have entered relates to a different bank to which their invoice relates, we are going to the bank to see if they have any paper work in relation to this claim, he has been sent numerous letters from the CMC requesting that he gives them full authority to handle all his ppi claims and that all other CMC's authority be removed, which have not been signed, doe
  2. Thank you for the information,, will give my friend a letter to send to request a copy iof any agreement, will have to wait and see what happens. Thank you to everyone fir or all your input
  3. Thank you for all your information , it's all a bit odd as he said the bank telephoned to say three companies asked for the ppi information and asked which one he was going to use, which he told me he replied none of them, have told him to request this information from the bank, don't know if this would shed any light on his situation, but will get him to send the letter to see if any authority has been given if so he will have to pay the fee
  4. Will do many thanks hopefully stop my friend from being bombarded via letter & phone
  5. Thank you will contact them tomorrow, I'll update post when I get there response
  6. very interesting thanks, my friend as received an invoice showing there fees, and now a letter saying court proceedings Ive attached copies Harrington invoice letter.pdf Harrington icourt.pdf
  7. a friend of mine is being bombarded by a claims management company, he has had repeated requests to sign a form giving them power to act for all/any ppi claims he may have, secondly he has been sent a bill for a ppi he settled direct with a bank and cannot recall signing anything to authorise the CMC to act for him. I spoke to them on the phone for him and told them that unless a copy of the contract showing he had agreed to them to act for him was received he would not respond to any further communications. he is now being threatened to be taken to court which is upsetting him as he
  8. Will repost it tomorrow, just out of hospital so head not quite in gear
  9. Hello Just received this a couple of days ago, I did send them a letter saying it was my final response, look like they are ignoring the letter that was sent recorded delivery, any advice welcome, assuming the do go down the court route I would get my chance to put my comments forward with letters from this company my reply and previous credit agency from same claimant? etc thanks
  10. Sorry DX but do I get a notification when you PM ? Am a novice with the PM
  11. Yes can do dx, will not be able send it over to you until pm tomorrow
  12. Well I have received yet another letter from NCS saying how disappointed despite there best efforts to try and resolve this situation etc, that you are failing to contact ourselves, And that there client is now prepared to take legal action, etc sent from there litigation and enforcement dept. Even though I sent a letter recorded delivery signed for, which was signed for but I think it's a 'made up' signature so they can make out it wasn't anyone working in there company. So will not be replying.
  13. Thank you for replies, I have not had any further contact from Final demand & co since the letter I sent (which is quite a while now Feb 2013) but at present I am just feeling a little stressed out that this latest debt collection will send someone to the door, my health problem is not helping me focus, I will forward the second scan onto the FCA if you think they would be interested to see Final Demands tactics. at present I am about to post the draft of my letter as in posted up yesterday to the latest debt collection agency, I will be off
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