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  1. I will be happily getting contract number 3 with 3 later on in the year for my other child and thats a lot of custom missed orange, hahahahahaha But i would warn anyone not to sure about the dongle offer for 5.00, that if you have all you can eat data on your mobile and internet at home, then dont bother with it as can be more hastle than worth unless happy to keep for emergencies. Mine although I will keep for emergencies as payg so not a total waste of time. Here would you believe watching to be posting happily:madgrin: But I am, good customer service even with forgiven little hiccups easily gets that TAKE NOTE ORANGE EMBARESSED FOR YOU
  2. I through recording calls with orange was able to prove they were not worthy of my custom and what I think of them would get cagboted, so I need to behave:madgrin: I am now happily the owner of two contracts with 3 and happy, especially as it was and is what on the tin and was my intention prior to being persuaded by orange when browsing that they could better and do the same, again comment re that is unprintable, bleep etc.... I am not silly enough to feel all providers or even 3 as I am happy with them are angels, we need to record calls with all as well a two year contract if goes wrong can be an ankle chain holding you back and a cause of distress if can not prove miss sold. On my first contract with 3 I chose a limited data package for me knowing unlikely to use more and recently upgraded that happily for the small cost of 3.00 to unlimited data, yep orange, unlimited as in all you can eat actually with them means well if you are a pig you can eat and eat:madgrin: Not find you have been put on an unexpected diet and restricted to 750mb, dig dig, haha:mad2: Any way got the second phone for my kid and chose unlimited data and the reassurance i wanted as in no risk of charges for exceeding data is fullfilled, I can rest easy, thank goodness:lol: I also chose at time to take out their trial offer on a dongle and only 5.00 charge and you could cancel when not wanted and turn to pay as you go. This shows to me how ALL mobile companies cannot be trusted when you need to cancel something as simply as promised in the store, though in this occasion I hvae to thank the 3 store for helping me as they were flabbergasted at what happened also. Due to memory problems and epilepsy I chose the deal, but soon realised I needed to cancel it re the broadband contract dongle as would forget to do so and continue to pay for something not used which of course would be my fault no one elses. So as able to go out this weekend I went into the 3 store and asked if they could help me cancel the contract as going past the store reminded me I needed to do it. They were lovely and said I needed to do it, but that could use their phone and glad I was i did it in their store !!!!! Put through to chap with indian accent though not sure if call centre there or in uk and the chap changed the terms, as in said I had to use it for one month and then choose to cancel. I said but that risked me having to pay two months money on service I did not need. He then told me the service was not activated and that he could not cancel it, so I turned to the store for help as he then went into intense sales patter trying to sell me an alternate internet package via the very same dongle. Staff answered for me and repeated all said and that they agreed there was no reason for my contract not to be cancelled as per the sales offered in the store and that I only had to pay 15.99. The call centre then said that I was not on the system and could not cancel me, to which the man said I am an employee of 3 I have her details on our system which is the same as yours, so she is on the system and the account is active, so cannot see your problem. Call centre then asked to speak to me again and it was obvious just did not want to cancel and alternately sell me another product, so I asked chap again to take over and he reiterated basically politely do your job and cancel as it was the cancellations dept who we were through to. GUESS WHAT? The call centre put the phone down on 3's own staff member!!!!! Imagine if that was you at home !!!! So now store get onto head office who act straight away thank goodness and intervene to get the cancellations dept to process the simple request and it is done. It all in all still took nearly an hour to process but I left the store with letter and names and happily trusting they had done their job. So here is my conclusion: No matter the company. When you are put into the hands of an agent who is target driven re sales or commission on such whatever their workings, you are meat, so need to record your calls as you have to pray you are lucky that the head office was like that of 3 and intervene to prevent any more inconvinience, rather than that or my experience of orange, happy to accept that some staff perhaps did not truly deal with you how they would like and then they would leave you to drown. I got the impression of orange was you were not a name or valued customer, any error, porkie or whatever they had no respect for you. I accept all companies make mistakes, I was even given the wrong simm for my phone at the contract but they had reagarding 3 the new one out by next days post and you cannot fault that. So record you calls to protect yourself as your credit file is tightly linked to your mobile provider and some like to be very prompt in marking you down or threat of so and even in cases where your file might need altering due to mobile company finally backing down, they can refuse to alter any notes due to their errors, orange told me not willing to help, recorded though I have yet to check what they have put and if I find orange have bad marked me, I will not be finished, haha I know what i posted might seem just common sense to most who are familiar with the workings and temperaments of certain companies, but would you believe it there are some trusting souls still out there who perhaps reading this might happily go on their business but at least recording their calls for back up that most likely wont be needed, but just in case it is there !!!!! I can now happily go back to knowing my two phone contracts are unlimited internet, all you cane eat, brilliant phones and are doing their job and that they are not with ORANGE 3 STORE staff on promise and help when needed:hug: 3 cancellation dept, needs a little work xx:roll: But once sorted easily forgiven ORANGE STORE on promise and help when needed ORANGE ceo office, over phone sales and bascially whole company:drama: AVOID:madgrin: xx
  3. No they would insist on its return even if they did cancel unfortunately (well thats my experience with orange and on a side note its a sad realisation that we need to record all our calls with them to protect what said in the sales calls other wise their word against ours) xx If you are having problems with service you could ask them wether any masts are out or under repair, you could also in put the postcode of the area you are getting no service and see if it comes up as covered, ring them up and get them to confirm it should and is , recording call and then raise the issue that your phone coverage is not as you fairly expected it, worth a try at least, but the loss of phone is the again an issue even if agreed I do suspect best after trying, if they say no accepting that you are stuck with it, sorry However my bad experience comes from dealign with orange so there is no harm in trying to request from 3 they help in that your coverage is not good enough, you never know, best of luck.
  4. RECORD ALL CALLS WITH ORANGE as you cannot trust them !!!! I have a recording of the CEO office telling me you cannot trust their own staff. I said are you aware of what you just said? Reply YES. I found both store and online sales told porkies and caught them out recording them promising the earth to get a sale when in fact it was not true. Told the ceo office i had the recordings and they took an ignorant stance in that should not have recorded them!!!!! and well they were idiotic. Result in the end returned the phones back to them and dumped the whole deal as I was not going to let them rip me off. Thing is we do trust what told by representatives in either uniform of firm, instore and over phone when talking to paid employees, but you see when even prove porkies are rampant they insist on blaming the customer and really trying to fobb you off to despair. ORANGE when ever dealt with need recording because even if made genuine mistakes they will potentially in my experience turn it around as your error or mistake. I got the over all impression perhaps too many mistakes were made to deal with it in an customer friendly manner and instead they use fobb off knowing a lot of people give up. So up to you, try writing and stay polite, even ask for them to listen or source the original sales call and look into it again, perhaps they might for once be reasonable. You can also choose to go to regulator if they are obstinate and request deadlock letter from orange prior to doing so. But if they say it was not said then really you are stuck only to learn to not trust what told again and to record to protect yourself in future, best of luck. I got the impression from their dealing with me, they had no respect for such situations and were happy to fobb off and push you to regulator. I kept all recordings, emails etc....with orange to prove what i say.
  5. Looks like you have to carry on paying. You have an old phone you can use with the contract and to be honest I cant see it as the providers fault here. If I were you I would be grateful the 'stolen calls' only cost 30.00 as I have heard horror stories with presenting of huge huge call bills if did not put block on phone pronto. The phone is counted as a free gift and the contract is the service you get that you agreed to, you can still get that using your old phone. If not insured, its normal to pay for the stolen calls prior to blocking phone. Even when insured most operators want to be informed within 24 hours to protect you.
  6. Sold it safely through second hand store and money used to buy both my kids some clothes xx
  7. I think the JCP if given the proper resources as in the government stop using private leech companies, then the staff there would bend over backwards to help more than they can at present. I am sure their are some great staff as shown by the fact that some of them as flumps1976 for example go out of their way to give free advice on these forums in their own time. I would much prefer the advice from JCP than A4E or Ingeus. I after reading news the last few weeks cannot trust the private companies. You have to understand that backbone you refer to has a person who has to protect their job whilst doing their best and we do understand that. Lets hope the funding is returned to job centres and we should not blame individual advisors for the governments mess.
  8. If not made aware of the pension at time and it was paying out then yes they could come at it as it is treated as income and all has to be declared. The pension may not have affected his esa for the first six months but still needed to be for csa as they may have calculated more than 5.00 a week as a result. If ive misread as you do say only claiming the pension at any point then yes you still needed to declare it to them even if were not getting any benefits at time.
  9. ps. Right way to go to fight csa is your MP. As ashmk says self employed does protect fromd direct payments being taken, but it very much depends on what job you do and wether can becoem self employed. Either way you still have to pay maintenace but self employed gives you more protection whilst fighting but if you earn the money and csa has allowed for what you are entitled to as in new kids, they you still have to pay.
  10. Post 6 is wrong if a pwc is on benefits the csa monies are not counted as income, she will be getting benefits and the full csa monies, this changed about two odd years ago wheras before a pwc only got nothing of it or about 10.00. PWC may not get any arrears owed from when csa monies were counted as income, but certainly will be getting ongoing csa monies. I know as get the support my ex pays. One thing do want to add for new partners painting very poor pictures of pwc as in sits on bum on benefits etc...... and sides told by exs, be careful, my ex told his new partner I was this and that and also refusing a divorce as to he could not marry her but so so wanted to. Told her many bad stories a bit like what told me when we were together whilst seeing new partner, you know the type. She has not been told by him however we have been divorced for years, some exs rather than tell true situation as in dont want to remarry and happy the way they are, prefer to say oh the wicked ex wife, tick tick, and the new partner starts to hate a person they do not know. Mine still has her believing we are married and that its my fault, so remember there are indeed two sides. Some pwc actually use their csa monies would you believe for the children. The post refering to a pwc on benefits only buying a child an xbox game, terrible, but perhaps that is all she can afford and if you are getting all this feedback from your new partner, then beware it may be one sided. As for new families with their own children on breadline with csa demanding so high amounts you have my sympathies, but you have to remember the pwc of the prior children will only have them as her concern. In my case luckily ex has not had further children as I can see really does not want to re marry and have more children, he sadly however is stringhing his new partner along by telling her it is my fault he cannot marry and therefore wont go for ivf as she cannot have children naturally. Sick eh but i wont get involved and tell her, not my place. I have been fortunate with the csa when the actually did seem to get cases sorted under csa 1, they seemed to at time target sorting cases with single parents on benefits as was obviously in their interest to regain these monies. I am a reasonable person and ex has had a huge pay increase and I have not asked for recalculation. I am hoping when changes start again as they are planned to then he will pay directrather than deo due to my being reasonable, but we will see.
  11. Thanks. After reading on the ebay forums I dont think I can trust paypal as a seller. As a buyer I would have no problems, but the stories over not as described etc.... Think I will re advertise as cash on collection and hope to find nearer buyer who happily can try it out. If not well second hand shop it is, at least no hastle come back Thanks all same
  12. Confirm packaging okay I mean, cant expect postie to wait while charge, haha Samsung a great phone, but I prefer my iphone and have got shop to transfer my number to micro simm and they happily said I could sell the phone and use iphone on my account.
  13. Advertised a samsung galaxy s2 on preloved. I have had an offer which thinking on but person lives up north so know they would want it sent and I would use special delivery. I have heard some horror stories if item is paid for by paypal for them to once get item say not as described, re ebay or phone not enclosed sort of things and claim the money back. Whilst I know these things do genuinely probably go on, I am aware from stories that items are regualry claimed as not received or as described to get refunds also, need to protect myself as to be honest could not cope with them saying not in bag or missing etc when I know I posted it. is there a way of protecting myself that would allow payment through paypal, but stop them claiming it back fraudulantly, as in would bank transfer via paypal help me. I mean say for instance the phone genuinely went missing in post from packaging and again these things do happen, I would have special delivery protection to 500.00 and would claim it back that way in a genuine case if package was handed to person and post office had damaged the package. on my advert i will put will be sent special delivery, do not accept from post office if package is opened or confirm that phone is okay before sign or return to postman etc.... ..Then woudl know post office have to sort it out and would refund buyer pronto in mean time, also giving me proof of payment via pay pal for post office. Is it funds transfer or would you say crossed postal orders are safer? I can sell this phone to second hand store locally and get about 180.00 for it but that is low, but if cannot sell hastle free, might just sell if for that than risk losing 250.00, thanks xx I appreciate it seems fraud goes on on both sides of phones sales, just could not cope being caught out so any tips appreciated.
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