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  1. Hello again, a quick question, we paid the estate agent our deposit in cash, This was put into the TDS scheme, but they have recently sent us a cheque for the deposit minus a small amount for damage to a step. However, there is no mention of this dispute on the TDS website, so, do they have to raise a dispute through them or is just sending a letter to us ok? We can categorically prove that the damage was down to shoddy work ( paving slab laid over an empty hole), not the quad bike being taken up the steps, it is far too wide and didn't fit. What should we do? Any advice would be greatly appre
  2. Hello again, quick update, we have moved out, hooray! Also been to Law Centre for advice, told us to go straight to ombudsman, says we have strong case. Lets see what the letting agent will throw at us this time, they are already disputing lots of the health and safety report, saying they believe we are responsible for alot of the breaches, although they have stopped short of telling us what they are..........Am more than ready to take them on, Law Centre said be prepared for more scare tactics, but only because they know they are in the wrong. Thanks to eveyone for the advice, sometimes nice
  3. And also, one more question, I haven't yet signed and returned our part of the notice of possession, merely an oversight more than anything else, are there any legal implications if I don't sign it?
  4. Thanks, we are going back to the Law Centre tomorrow, and viewing a new house midweek! Hopefully they can advise on the wording of my next letter,absolutely prepared to keep up the battle with the agent.
  5. Hello everyone again. As an update to my earlier post this is where we are now...........Housing Renewal Officer came, was here a long time, lots needs doing in the house. We know this as last week an electrician came unexpectedly to fix a wall socket and left the HRO's report here, 32 separate breaches! I wrote an official letter of complaint to the letting agent last week,( not mentioning a thing about the report as not sure if we should have seen it.) I received a reply yesterday accusing us of blackmail! The letter the letting agent wrote ended like this - " It would appear from the last p
  6. Hello every one, hope someone can help us! Moved into house end of march last year with partner, 6 yr old and 2 week old baby. First had problems with water coming in due to state of roof within the first week, moved in yo find damp and mould on walls in both kids rooms. Informed agent of this, 4 weeks later no response so took advice from Housing Renewal Officer who wrote to them saying must fix it. Builder turns up, unbeknownst to us at the time just went on roof, put some silicone in the holes. Anyway, summer comes, dry weather, no problems. By september all manner of problems with water co
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