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  1. Another really eventful day regarding JBW - the worst, and also the best, of all. Ha just got up at 8.00 a.m. when there was fierce knocking at the door. Go down, open door, man there from JBW who states because I haven't responded to their communications they have come down from Hull this morning to take possession of our car. Or I can pay £1074 NOW. No negotiation possible - it's one or the other. I showed him the letter from JBW saying that we have an arrangement in place (as detailed above). No, he said; this relates to a different numbered case. I told him
  2. Today has been a rather up & down day. Having received the red-bordered letter through the door yesterday, this morning, on my way to council offices, I called the person who signed it, one Steve - turns out this was the one who rang me two days ago. He started telling me that I had complicated matters by getting the council involved and I shouldn't have done that. I told him I had only got them involved because I rang them to check up about what the first bailiff had told me (about the council not happy to accept £537 and wanting £1000). He said that's nothing to
  3. Yes, I have been speaking with my council - have exchanged several emails with a named person there. I emailed her today to tell her what has been happening. Unfortunately perhaps I should have nagged them about responding to what they found on my income form, but I just thought "it's not so long, maybe this takes a bit of time...". I also felt reasonably "protected" having paid what for me is a huge lump only 2 weeks ago.
  4. On October 6th I scanned on the Income/Outgoings form and returned it to the lady at the council. I have heard nothing from them since, but I assumed this was intended to work out how much I could afford in repayments, monthly. Yesterday I got a call from a bailiff who said he was outside my house - I was t work. I tried to explain that I was waiting to hear from the council (or anyone, in response to the form) but he just kept saying that I owe the money and JBW have heard nothing from the council. Today I have received two texts from them, an email and a hand delivered letter w
  5. Thanks for all the help. Council Tax office don't see people in person any more - you have to do it over the phone. I've completed the form and will scan and send to them shortly. Have also told bailiff I am doing this. I've been meticulous (in this at least) to tell both parties what I am doing and when, and asked them both to make a note of my calls. Will come back when have some details after today. Thanks to all again.
  6. Thanks, dx Apparently they have 3 orders, and one of them is the AOE. My only excuse for being so useless is that at the time I was going through treatment for bowel cancer (all OK now but still being seen regularly by hospital), and my son was living with me, who has mental health issues. It was a bad time and things like council tax didn't seem to be a priority.....
  7. I realise now, after dx's info, that this is probably in the wrong section, but will update with news anyway. I did call JBW on Monday morning, told them about the AOE, but also said I'd talk to the council - I intended to go there on Thurs a.m. as no work that morning. However, on Tues a.m. I got a call from someone else at JBW. This one said he was an enforcement officer (the first one I spoke to was apparently just an enforcement agent - is there really a difference?) he was very forceful and unpleasant, saying he was coming round that morning to take our g
  8. Thanks for your help. I have contacted JBW this morning to tell them about AOE, but I will also ask the council for a complete break down of payments.
  9. Right, I see. Does that change any of the advice so far? Should I still contact them and tell them about the AOE from the council to my employer? Also I have paid several not inconsiderable sums to other bailiffs then, but don't know which ones or exactly how much - you can tell I'm not very good about keeping track of things.
  10. Thank you, dx There may possibly be others - I have paid various amounts in various chunks to various debt collectors over a good few years; these amounts were paid when I could borrow a few hundred sometimes or when I managed to get enough to pay some off, have been very difficult to keep track of, as paid at random times to several companies. I did ask the council once to tell me exactly what I now owed but have never been able to get a direct answer, as they say it's now up to the different collectors. On my current home I am ore or less up to date,
  11. I am being chased for an old council tax bill. The council has set up an attachment of earnings arrangement with my employer (NHS). Now I have had a visit from an agent of JBW who is being very insistent, but not physically threatening. I was about to leave home for a funeral when he called so didn't wish to talk to him in any detail at that time. I have now found the paperwork for the AOE and my plan was to email a copy of this to JBW. Surely they cannot come at me from all directions like this? I work on the NHS bank, usually 20 hours pw but sometimes less, so I don't earn very mu
  12. Cataract removal is usually done as a day case, with the patient going home afterwards. My father had this op done, one eye first and then a few weeks later the other, when he was 92 and he too lived alone. I went to stay with him for the rest of the day and into the evening, just to make sure he would be alright at home, no blurred vision, etc. There was no medical reason why he needed to stay in hospital. Was no family member (or friend) available to stay with your father for a few hours after the op? This is a social need, not a medical one.
  13. I have told Ageas that we still wish to claim for the dome and I would expect to see a photograph of the specific dome and base Tadley's would have provided. The person I am dealing with at Ageas understands and accepts this. My point is that the insurer was NOT offering s suitable replacement and could not possibly be, for the price they were willing to pay. It is well known these old domes are rare, oval ones especially. They are indeed sourced from auction houses, when they can be found, and many formerly contained items of taxidermy, which was popular around the time they would have be
  14. Thank you, Unclebulgaria. No it definitely wasn't. The dome was in a small shop - we went in and were surrounded by old domes large and small, and in fact they tried a couple to see which would look best with the clock and we picked the one we have now bought. As I said, we couldn't risk our clock being damaged by a botched job - yes we could then have complained but the damage might already have been done. The clock is the only item mentioned individually and the insurer knew it was old and of some value. We had no reason, until now, to think that Ageas would not provide suitable
  15. Thanks for the reply, TSx. I'm not convinced of Tadleys expertise in this specialist area, however good they might be with general repairs and restoration. Restoring the clock with an unsuitable base and modern dome would damage and devalue the clock, which also has sentimental value to us as made by a family member.
  16. This is a potential problem we are having with our household insurance. We have an antique skeleton clock, approximately 150 years old, and made by my partner's great grandfather, a watch and clock maker. This is covered by an oval glass dome of a similar age and the clock is set on a wooden base, the dome resting in a shallow groove around the base. This is a named item on our insurance. During a recent house move the dome was completely shattered and the insurance company have accepted our claim. We have sourced a Victorian dome which would fit the clock very well.
  17. I can't offer advice on your case as we know very few details, but just want to say that, having taken my employer to tribunal 4 years ago, I understand why you are doing it. I was told by friends just to forget it and get on with my life, but I knew I had to go through with it and, even though I lost my case, I really don't regret it - the experience, I think, did me good. I represented myself and they had a barrister. The best thing, though, was when one of the partners lied in the witness chair. I looked her straight in the eyes and I heard her lying under oath. In a strange kind of w
  18. Yes, you would have to prove that, as a result of not being treated correctly when you first presented at the hospital, the outcome is now different from what would otherwise have been the case. Medicine isn't really like diagnosing and fixing a problem with a car. It's bad that your previous tests weren't recorded in your notes, but if you are now well, or just a watch is now being kept on your arrhythmia, I would be grateful for that. You will certainly not get far claiming for "stress and distress" in this case. What harm has been done? What compensation would help?
  19. No, I still wouldn't. Doesn't the same apply here as many have been saying all the way through this thread? We don't know exactly what is going on in any situation. Do you know precisely each benefit that Mrs X gets? If Mrs X talks openly to all about her "spare" council flat, her husband having been back with her for 5 years and all the benefit she's been receiving, it won't belong I'm sure before the council get to hear something. But it wouldn't be from me.
  20. The extreme cases would be my 0.1% that I would have to think about very hard and be absolutely sure that I knew for certain what was going on. In all other cases I would think of it along these lines: those with plenty of money are able to cheat the system in a variety of ways, people who don't have the strain of being on a low income, unemployed or living in unpleasant accommodation, and who have been given "responsible" positions in our society. And when they are found out, well, just employ a good lawyer, or simply pay back what you have taken ~ that's supposed to make it all OK. £1
  21. Thanks, joebloggs Yes, it would be several years worth, but I'm still unsure as to how that figure is reached ~ it seems excessive to me too, given that I hae already paid some off, as well. I will get a breakdown from the council and get everything sorted, hopefully. Just can't bear the thought of them coming round again and wish my husband had not let them in but he thought the woman was someone from the council offices.
  22. Thanks for quick reply. They left a sheet saying "Notification of Enforcement Agent Visit". It says I owe nearly £5000 but this includes a fee for £469 for today's visit. This is a debt from several years ago when I lived on my own with my son and was on benefits (ESA, then JSA + HB and CTB). I have paid a lot of it off (including one payment of £2000, which was loaned to me) so I really am not in agreement with their figure, but am not very good a record keeping ~ the amount still astonishes me. There is no breakdown of dates that this debt applies to. I don't know what a levy is
  23. Hi, just a quick bit of advice please. Someone knocked on our door today and said they'd come about us owing council tax. My husband thought they were from the council and let them in. Of course, it turns out they were from Bristow & Sutor. Have I got it right that once you let a bailiff into the house they are entitled to enter at any time? The other point is that the letter is addressed to me, so had this woman any right to talk to my husband and hand him the letter? We will be dealing direct with the council, but I just wanted to established if there is a problem, now
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