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  1. Hi there, see post below re my other half and his together mortgage. He sold his property and now left with the unsecured loan which he will be paying off for the next 20 years. He too received a letter re the redress and of course not a cheque. I don't understand how they can take money from you but not return it in the same way? I am considering a complaint on his behalf to the FOS re this together mortgage it's nothing short if daylight robbery. Now recovering from a brain tumour I am looking into all of this for him and would appreciate any help. This is a great thread and I'd love t
  2. Hi ims21 and other on here. See post below where my other half has similar issues with NRAM and need advice. ims21 has been a great help so far with BoS stuff, so moving on to my other halves debts with NRAM, explained below, thanks The NR stuff I do need help with and not sure where to start to be honest. I got my other half to write to them a while back requesting a copy of his original agreement which they sent out. I still cannot understand why he signed it, the interest is unbelievable, but he honestly doesn't know any better and trusts too much. He took out a mortgage in N
  3. Thank you I most certainly will especially if it helps others. The NR stuff I do need help with and not sure where to start to be honest. I got my other half to write to them a while back requesting a copy of his original agreement which they sent out. I still cannot understand why he signed it, the interest is unbelievable, but he honestly doesn't know any better and trusts too much. He took out a mortgage in November 2004 for £71,245.00 along with an unsecured loan £22,498.00 He sold his flat back in December 2008 but still now has the unsecured loan to pay. The initial interest rate
  4. Oh brilliant, I've just printed his letter off and it's ready for posting. I'm now away to try and tackle his Northern Rock debt and have a sore head just thinking about it. Thank you so much for your help, you have no idea how much it's appreciated, having someone give advice like this means everything I couldn't of helped him without you. Have a lovely evening! Erica
  5. Oh thanks you know I think I'll do this. Can I send one SAR for all his three accounts with £10? I think over the years he has had tons of charges, he got himself into such difficulty and a little scared to be honest instead of confronting the situation.
  6. Oh thanks for replying so quickly. To be honest I didn't work it out for him, I had no idea how to do that and no documentation. His loans were pretty massive and he is still paying them off to a debt collector linked to BoS but they stopped the interest etc on them so he just pays a standing order every month. Once the letters come in with breakdowns it will be interesting to see how it is calculated and will definitely look at the info you have provided me with so thank you very much. I have written letters to Blair Oliver Scott the debt companies for him requesting settlement figures
  7. Hello, another update for ims21 and any one else out there with PPI complaints. My other half has received 3 cheques for PPI which is fantastic news, we only chased this up in June so this has been very quick. It's very odd though and perhaps someone can help. He was claiming for three different debts he is paying off and we went through all the forms with the FOS. To be honest we thought it would be a long time before we ever heard anything back. The three cheques have different account numbers from what he is claiming for, in fact they don't match up at all. I gather that the FOS contact
  8. Hello, thank so much for replying, really needing help with this one. Finally my other half is dealing with his debts so well. Yes he had a balance transfer to Amex, I now have the blue credit card application form and statements after issuing a SAR. He transferred a balance from the Bank of Scotland for £4000 and I can see that it's listed but they've blanked out a few of the numbers on the credit card. There appears to be another bank transfer for £1500 but it doesn't say what it is. Also the really strange thing is the credit card number I have the last three digits for the BOS transfer
  9. Thanks Scott, but not getting any response
  10. Hi, Can someone please advise? My partner found himself unable to pay a balance transfer he made to Amex a few years ago. After being seriously ill and moved house, he completely forgot about it. Managed to get himself in a lot debts and all tangled, I have been sorting them for him. He was contacted by Brechin Tindall Oatts working on behalf of Amex. Their letters are so awful and cut throat yet he's doing his best to sort everything. They actually tracked him down at his place of work. My query is in connection with the interest that he is paying. He has agreed to pay £150 per mo
  11. Hello, I thought I'd post an update on the above and let everyone know how we are getting on with my partners issues. We contacted the FOS, filled in all the relevant forms for his accounts he was most definitely mis-sold PPI for. They have sent him a letter back saying they now have all the relevant info they need to set up a case, I sent them as much as we could. I can imagine this can all take some time, but just glad things have moved forward quite a bit. He continues to pay a DB every month to Blair Oliver and Scott who are looking after his accounts. I sent them letters quite a whil
  12. Thanks for the advice, very much appreciated. I will write back stating what you said above re standard bog off letter and PPI explanation etc. I will let you know what happens. Many thanks again. Erica
  13. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have copied part of the letter here if it helps. Is this a standard bog off letter? I would imaging that they state similar to most that complain? My other half has a mountain of debts that he is paying off every month and meeting all the payments, he got himself into this mess paying insurance of debts like this and also high interest rates, he really doesn't have a clue about these things at all. He wasn't ill when he took it out although none of us know how long he actually had the brain tumour for. I don't want to bring his illness
  14. * Can you help please. I am looking for advice on behalf of my partner. He was diagnosed with a brain tumour back in 2009 and doesn’t need the added stress of dealing with debt so I have been managing it for him. He has various debts which were originally with the Bank of Scotland. They were passed on to Blair Oliver Scott when he failed to make his payments. When he was in hospital for 5 months I was able to set up direct debits for him and now he has made serious dents in what he owes. He has three debts to Blair Oliver Scott which he is paying monthly.
  15. Dear Sir/Madam, My other half has been chased re old debt from AMEX through their solicitors. She didn't recall the debt so sent a SAR and received a pile of statements. She had transferred a balance on to an AMEX credit card and after moving house for some odd reason didn't get any forwarded paperwork, which is odd because she had a forwarding address with the royal mail. It was an old credit card so had a look for PPI on the form but their doesn't appear to be any paperwork. The main issue is the interest which is mounting up. She has agreed to pay a fixed amount each month and has
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