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  1. Sounds like a great resullt you got there Nomorecrooks, well done! I am in a similar dispute with them so would love if you could dish any advice my way would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I will SG Also I would just like to thank all who helped me with advice and allsorts throughout this whole process. so Thankyou people!
  3. No one showed up from 'HFO' from what i gathered it was a local solicitor acting on behalf of them. I certain Uzair Shar was the one leading all the witness statements but not one person showed up from HFO or Turnbull.
  4. After I submitted my bank statement from the time in question, HFO still did not supply any further evidence other than the lame screen shot printouts, and also the judge realised the dates and figures did not add up either. Therefore the case awarded in my favour! I was also awarded a small figure in damages in which HFO have to pay me.. whether they will or not remains to be seen but victory is much sweeter!
  5. Hello again all... Just to update with the HFO case I was involved in. I finally won the battle against them after the latest court hearing.
  6. DB I have stated many times already I wll be getting back in touch with M&S tomorrow to get confirmation mate.
  7. Nope, it's stature barred and no payments have been made.
  8. I don't see why I would randomly decide to pay 20.00 out the blue to anyone after I had not bothered with the debt for years. Again have learnt alot - much more than I knew before so most of this stuff is all a new horizon for me but I know that I will not take this. Thanks to all so far for the valuble guidance you have assisted me with in this saga.
  9. True. Just want it sorted and dealt with. Plus I have submitted evidence of my bank statement (he made the impression that whether a valid payment was made i.e through a bank etc. where there was stronger evidence in place to show I had not made any payment). I will try the M&S agency place again tomorrow and get clarification on everything once again to make sure and update of my findings.
  10. The impression I have got from being in the court room was that whether it is stature barred or not everything is just hanging on the fact that whether a payment was made on the date in question of Nov '06. Whether that impression would include that whoever was running what company at whatever time would not come into question. I have however as explained before that in my latest reply to this case I explained that the debt was sold on to Roxburghe on such and such a date etc. trading the same address as HFO etc.. It's whether or not the judge will notice or maybe now wonder why 'HFO Capital' of Ireland are the ones who are acting as the claimants in this and question it or still make it irrelevant I do not know? I did however also send a copy of a bank statement from the whole month in question with it showing that no payment of 20.00 had left my account on the date in question or any there around it. Maybe I have just turned the screw a little on the whole matter I don't know.
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