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  1. CitizenB can you answer peoples very real concerns here,many have been here for a long time,2 big and important contributors have emailed me and told me they cannot post anything and despite requests have had no answers from the site team,also as btm has said posts are being randomly deleted without explanation. If this is going on across the board it could seriously jeopardise CAGs integrity and reputation and sadly people will look elsewhere. What is going on,this is very frustrating to all,contributions have all but dried up here and people are using the dedicated action group which no
  2. Families suffer home loans torment that watchdogs failed to stem By Richard Dyson Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/mortgageshome/article-2041353/The-home-loans-torment-watchdogs-failed-stem.html#ixzz1Yy40ygn6
  3. I would urge all contributors past and present to get in touch with Richard Dyson who is championing peoples stories in the Mail online
  4. I am the starter of this thread and the starter of the spml thread which was over 300 pages long. I have received emails from large contributors to these threads that their comments relating to Acenden formerly Capstone have been removed by the site team without explanation or reason and the contibutors have then been banned from CAG. This is extremely disturbing and the SITE TEAM are urgently requested to: 1)re instate the contributors 2)If removing posts have at least the courtesy to explain why the posts have been removed if necessary by personal notification as has happened in the old day
  5. who is your mortgage with celtichedgewitch? Sppl,preferred,spml,lmc?? You can cancel your dd at anytime & set up a standing order.
  6. Talking of LIBOR...i've been overcharged for the last 2yrs...I just can't help but laugh at these morons. Carry on trying to cover your asses...but for me your about to be a busted flush very soon!! 25 days & counting I won't hold my breath though!
  7. Definately a [problem]! If you want to claim anything like that,ppi,arrears charges etc,you can do it all here without the help of a costly firm. There is enough help from members and letter templates. You were right in clarifying it first,some people dont then end up being ripped off.
  8. Hi Stef Yes thats good news,basically their solicitors now have a court order to comply with,giving the court the breakdown of the £600 within 14 days from todays date. Do you not know what you had to reply too? If not just ring the courts with your claim number & ask them,they will be able to tell you.
  9. I wouldn't bother they are a waste of time!! There as bad as Capstone/Ascenden,they strip your equity with makeshift repair lists and should be renamed as the mortgage rip off scheme.
  10. ACENDEN CAPSTONE SPML PML LMC SPPL REPOSSESSION EVICTION ARE YOU ONE OF THEIR VICTIMS FREE HELP HERE We can help save your home for free if you post your problem here. I never come across a company in my life like these cowboys. That was two and a half years ago and they have got worse I could go forever with regards to this company. Has anyone else been treated unfairly like we have? 7136 posts on the old spml/london mortgage company thread seem to agree with me that they have. The spml thread is locked due to its length but is a wonderful resource with a wealth of e
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