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  1. I used to work for Lloyds. There was an informal policy that people paid more than a certain amount of compensation and with over a certain amount of complaints in 6 months would be sent a letter saying something like "we've come to the conclusion that our service and capability isn't able to meet the high expectations you have of us" and giving 2 months' notice that all accounts will be closed. Remembering that a Financial Ombudsman Service case costs the bank £550, it's not 100% unreasonable for banks to switch away from customers whose patterns of behaviour make them a net negative, no different to the way that customers can switch away from banks if they find the bank's prices and service unacceptable.
  2. Then they should say it is due to high risk/insurance, not health & safety.
  3. This is good-intentioned but ultimately pointless. After an ASA ruling that upfront tenancy fees need to be disclosed in advertising, the agencies did so. Banning the fees won't make them go "oh dear, looks like our licence to print money has expired"; they'll just charge the landlord instead who will incorporate the fees in the rent.
  4. I don't believe GPs in the UK receive extra money to promote certain products. That may be an American thing.
  5. Presumably they still have to post in their driving licences for endorsement?
  6. Precisely. They brought this 10 minute thing in in Dublin (where the default answer to overstaying your parking ticket is a clamp) and that's what happened. The council's parking website is now plastered with "there is no grace period on the grace period" and variants on same.
  7. I'd rather they were subject to the same rules on drip-pricing as everyone else. Bought a ticket on viagogo last month and it was listed at £125; had become £157.50 by the time I went to pay.
  8. When you're below even Ryanair you must be doing things badly wrongly. Although I understand Aer Lingus's failure is limited to not giving out handouts explaining people's rights when they get a two-hour delay etc.
  9. I expect this just pushes most of the activity offshore. I know things are seriously wrong because my wife will no longer answer the phone. Mobile or landline. She is that sick of cold callers.
  10. Or you could get 3 packs of generic ibuprofen from Poundland for a quid. Unfortunately that's branding and advertising for you. Same reason thetrainline is still in business despite also charging more for the same product.
  11. In the event, I forgot about this for a couple of weeks due to being away and subsequently ill, and today Halifax rang me to offer £20 distress and inconvenience payment and say they will send a final response in the post. It appears that my complaint had been marked as closed on the date I raised it, by the original customer service person. I wonder is this a habit they have in order to avoid complaints becoming reportable as I understand the FCA doesn't count complaints that are closed by the end of the working day after they're raised?
  12. You can probably get the payment refunded by your bank under the payment services regulations, but you'll still owe the money to the PDL company. You can make a complaint to the PDL company in the usual way and take it to the FOS if unhappy with its response.
  13. Seems unlikely, as the OP refers to "previous days' tickets".
  14. I am afraid there is little hope of an appeal being successful. The DLR operates on an honour system and if people were simply allowed to pay their fare only when asked, it could not hope to be commercially viable. As mentioned above, as an adult you will need to take responsibility for your actions and pay the £40, as it will go up to £80 if you don't pay within 21 days.
  15. The passenger must sign the penalty fare notice.
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