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  1. hi ive just been reading your post regarding your DPA issue, have you been succesfull in reducing the amount owed on the debt because of the negilent behaviour of the DCA ? regards H
  2. Hi Everyone, Im in the process to start tacking this DCA they are well know in the industry Caboot ! I dont have an issue with debt outstanding but i do have a complaint to take up with them regarding sending me some other persons SAR info, something I never requested my understanding is they are in breach of the data protection act etc.......now I am going to send my complaint to ICO to inform them of my issue, I have duty of care to report any breach because this concerns me how many other persons have been sent someone elses file by error, however I dont have an idea on numbers effected or if any person has tackled the DCA on the basis of Data Breach and what if any sucess thay have had in relation to their debt. cheers hs68
  3. Hello, I have been reading some threads regarding the Data Protection Act 1998, I recently sent a request SAR to the DCA and they followed this up by sending me my file, along with my file they also sent me details of another individual their SAR file basically, what I would like to know has anyone else experienced this sort of practice ? and what actions they took ? many thanks H
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