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You can now change your notification sounds by going to this link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/index.php?/&app=soundboard&module=soundboard&controller=managesounds


You can find a library of free notification sounds in several places on the Internet. Here's one which has a very large selection https://notificationsounds.com/notification-sounds



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  1. Following the Manchester bombing earlier this year several concerts have been cancelled. The show I was due to attend this coming Friday 14th July however has had the venue changed. At tht time all of the tickets were cancelled and new tickets issue for the new show, with a pre-sale on Thursday 22nd July for people who originally purchased tickets. I repurchased my tickets through Eventim as that was my original retailer, however I am still waiting for my tickets to be delivered. Every other retailer (ticketmaster, gigs and tours, etc.) used an online e-ticket system, however eventim have opted to post tickets out. Whenever I call them they tell me that the tickets will be posted on Monday and if not I can have them re-issued for box-office collection on the day. As the venue is an outdoor square in Manchester city centre there is no box office, however they've told me there will be a pop-up box office. After spending £200 on 4 tickets I don't feel too comfortable waiting until the day to collect them, especially as eventim and their staff don't really seem to know what's going on. As I've paid for standard delivery (£2.50) when placing the order, will I be eligable to cancel the order due to breach of contract as they have not sent the item out and now seem to want people to collect them in person, negating the need to pay for postage on top of the booking fee. If not, is there any other way I can cancel my order and re-order through a different service?
  2. I've already written to them. The majority of my claim has been made via email, besides the two phone calls they made to me today to discuss the complaint I made after they've handled my claim poorly to start with (i.e. sending generic emails to me several times, along with letters saying my case was closed because I didn't respond to their previous letters - which they never sent!) The below emails are what I've sent and recieved from them. Halifax responded with the below email, which they sent me several times. They sent me the above email, I replied with the below email. They then replied with the above email again, at which point I resent the below email, adding the section making the complaint. They have now responded with the below email (again after several generic emails about my claim being dealt with) Halifax have offered £50 compensation over the phone for the way my complaint has been handled, which they've already paid to my account. They stated that this did not prevent me from taking my claim further or from contacting the ombudsman. What would my next step be?
  3. Long story short. Around April last year I bought a guest bed for the spare room. The bed has only been used about 10 times as it's a guest bed, however the frame has broken and is fairly unusable as a bed. I've contacted Halifax to raise a S75 claim, however they are saying as I do not have the receipt to prove I purchased the bed, I am unable to make the claim, even though I have provided them with a statement showing the purchase. The bed cost £199. The store I bought the bed from went out of business late last year, so I have been unable to contact them. Do I need the original receipt to make a claim?
  4. On Monday of this week I was in a meeting at work with about 20 or so colleagues. One of them had only just joined the company and was staying over in Manchester (head office) as he was based in the London office. Unfortunately during the meeting this colleague had an epileptic fit, falling off his chair and banging his head. Our office first aider was on in the room in seconds, and asked for coats / jackets to be placed under his head to prevent him from injuring himself further. As my suit jacket was on top, it ended up being covered in blood. Later that day I took the jacket to Timpsons to be dry cleaned, however they refused to take it as the blood hadn't fully dried, so returned it again on Wednesday. Yesterday I picked it up to find that most of the blood / saliva was still on the suit. Timpsons have offered to re-clean the jacket, however say that there's no guarantee it will come out. I wasn't to bothered about the cost of cleaning the suit - A couple of pound is nothing compared to the guy having a fit and injuring himself, however I am a little bit more concerened if the jacket is ruined, seeing though it cost almost £200 only 3 months ago. My question is, if the jacket / suit is ruined, who's responsible for replacing it? I don't want to come across as cold hearted, however I also don't want to be massively out of pocket. Is it My employer - They specify that you must wear a suit to work. The culture dictates that this is a nice suit and the phrase "look like your going to a wedding is often banded about. It was my work's first aider who placed the jackets under my colleagues head, as well as the presentation video (put together by the marketing team) without no warning of flashing lights which seemed to set his fit off. My colleague - He was staying at head office for a week and didn't bring his epilepsy medication. He knew that he was prone to fits (as he said the following day) but didn't speak up when told we were going to watch some videos on the projector. Me - That's life. Things happen beyond our control and I have to live with it. As I say, I don't want to come across as harsh. I'm not particularly fussed paying £10 to have the jacket cleaned. I just don't want to be £200 out of pocket (more if the suit is no longer sold as the trousers would be useless without a jacket) when it wasn't my fault. I'm going to wait until I get the jacket back from the cleaners for the second time before raising the issue with work. Also, if you were in this position (had your clothing ruined) or my colleagues position regarding the ruining of someones suit what would you do? Thanks in advance Scott
  5. Short Question Can I seek a refund from my credit card company for items that haven't turned up? Would this be under Section 75? Long Question I ordered a new guest bed from beds.co.uk last week. We need it for this coming weekend as we have people coming over to stay in our new house. Beds.co.uk require that you book a delivery date online with their delivery company Premier Delivieries (based out of the same address) once the order has been paid for and processed, which I did within 20 minutes. Although they offer free delivery for a weekday, for a Saturday delivery you have to pay an additional £9.95 (via paypal). After paying my additional fee and selecting Saturday 2nd April for delivery I waited in all day, to find the bed hasn't turned up. I half expected this as after stumbling on some bad reviews under their other name Furniture Italia, I discovered that a lot of people have had items not turn up on the correct date. I even tried to contact them earlier this week to confirm delivery however they never answered the phone. As I've spent over an hour and half today phoning them and their delivery company I decided to look at way's to get my money back. There's stories online of cancellation fees being charged and refunds taking weeks to appear. As I paid the £230 for the bed on my Halifax credit card (Through a payment processing page / not paypal) can I approach them for a refund? Can I claim for this under section 75 as the item hasn't turned up? Thanks Scott
  6. I was involved in an RTC back at the start of December last year. The third party was clearly at fault as he contravined a giveway sign. He has admitted liability and my insurance has payed out on my car, however his insurance aren't paying my insurance company back, therefore my company are refusing to honour my NCB of 5 years for my renewal due on the 17th and instead are only giving me 2 years until his insurance pay out. What is the timeframe for the claim to be resolved? Is there an industry agreed SLA when the third party is at fault?
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