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  1. Thank you very much for the advice, i will keep you updated on the situation. Going to fax this through today. Thanks Again.
  2. I use them for private parties/cash in hand work djing isnt my career... so i doubt it. However I do have receipts for the majority of the equipment that are addressed to my parents house which is where im registered to live. I was just staying at the above premises on a temporary basis.
  3. They have taken speakers, disco lights, 2 laptops, a pc tower, 2 lcd monitors, plasma tv, dj mixer, iphone, 2 blackberrys, ps3, 2 x psp consoles, a digital slr camera, a compact camera, 3 full boxes of vinyl records, that is just from my room. From the rest of the house they have taken 3 lcd tvs, toaster, sandwich grills, an iron, golf clubs, 2 watches, sunglasses, a rack of dvds, a hoover, signed football memorabilia, another ps3, and 2 bikes from the garden. They may be a few things missing off that list. The debt total is 3600 and its for unpaid council tax.
  4. Hi, I am currently staying at a friends house. And when I came back from work last week i found the house empty and 3 seperate lists detailing all the items that had been taken. As I am a dj the majority of the stuff was from my room. I have heard that if i have receipts for my stuff i can get it back, but i only have receipts for some of it. No one was in the house when they gained entry through the back door that was left unlocked. The reason for siezing the goods is unpaid council tax which is in the amount of £3000. However they have taken up to £15000 worth of goods. Furthermore
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