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  1. Hello all! Got a parking ticket the other day at Centertainment. There was something at the arena and all of the spaces were taken - even the spaces on the paths were all gone. Worried about being late for the cinema booking, I took the only available space - one of the disabled spots round the back of the cinema. I thought "it's late on a sunday, there'll be no wardens." Came back 2 hours later and there was a ticket on the window from "Vehicle Control Services" for £80. A google search of this company has brought up all sorts of posts from various forums about this companies credibility as a private parking firm. Most advice appears to be to ignore the ticket and all letters / phone calls as they have no legal right to fine people money on private land. However, due to the circumstances (as the bay was clearly marked as disabled only) would the company be more likely to try and take things to court? as my defence would be difficult. Other threads seem to have more easily debatable issues but this one is clearly a fault of my own.
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