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  1. The funny thing is, the guy never charged me any fees!! (atleast i dont think he did...)Secondly, i cant claim tax relief because I am not a british national, so I dont think I am applicable for this. 3rdly, my bank is the MOST UNHELPFUL in the world,. and they said they cant do anything. I also found out that the bailiff lied to me about his name, nor is he registered on the HMCS register of certified bailiffs. Though when i rang equita they have him on record as working there. I havent received any confirmation from the council for anything either, and the funny thing is when i got my next
  2. Hi all, Im new to this site, but need some urgent advice. I was an international student until about 4 months ago when I graduated, and have a dispute with the council regarding tax which I was not liable to pay when I was a student, but which they have charged me for! That matter I am resolving separately, however they sent a bailiff around to my house to recover the peding amount as well as the tax for the new year. Basically, the bailiff blagged his way through by saying he is from the council, and when i stupidly opened the door he pushed past me and tried to barge his way into my hou
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