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  1. The leasing company have told me that when they receive the fine from Lambeth, they will pay it automatically and then take the money from me by direct debit. So it means I cannot challenge this fine. When I look at the response, it makes no mention of the specifics of the area in which I parked. Only what should be the case in a properly signed and designated area, which this isn't. I am sure I would win this at appeal. But because my car is leased, I am going to have to take this on the chin. Awful.
  2. I got my response today. It looks like they haven't read my challenge at all and just sent the standard response to queries about yellow lines. It states how I would be allowed to load or unload but the CEO looked and saw no loading or unloading. How double yellow lines can not allow parking at any time, single yellows relate to the plate, which I had told them there isn't one, and how I may have entered a controlled zone without realising, which I hadn't. My problem is that my car is a lease car, so the registered owner and keeper is a finance company. In order to escalate this, I have to do nothing until 20th April, when Lambeth will issue a NtO EN. This is going to go to the finance company and I am worried they will just pay up and send me the bill. I will email them this evening telling them not to pay under any circumstances and then see how they respond.
  3. Still no response from Lambeth, 22 days after appeal. Thanks for the responses. To be honest, I parked there thinking that I have found some form of loophole and had done so for several years with no ticket. This is the first time they have ticketed me. I don't park there all day, but if I have reason to go into my children's school, I will park there. Maybe three times per year. Hopefully they will uphold my challenge and not make any changes so I can go back to parking there. I will keep you updated.
  4. I received a PCN 01 - Parked in a restricted street during prescribed hours on Trent Road in Brixton. I parked on a single yellow line. There are no plates on adjacent posts to provide the prescribed hours. The Controlled Zone does not start for some 20m beyond where I parked. My car is roughly where the Blue BMW is in this Google Street View https://goo.gl/maps/vf7JLM9VKrp Looking at the beneath map, it would appear that the red zone should extend to the beginning of the Controlled Zone, but instead they have marked it as a single yellow. https://www.lambeth.gov.uk/sites/default/files/CPZ Boundaries - Carton Map (OCT 18).pdf Because a single yellow line outside of a controlled zone should be accompanied by hours of restriction, I think I should be successful in my appeal. What do others think?
  5. Hi folks, sorry for taking so long to respond to this, and thank you for your help so far. I phoned Citroen and told them that under no circumstances are they to pay this charge, and that it is not a fine. They agreed and said that they will only pay in the eventuality that court action is taken against them. I have emailed the details of the conversation to them. Gemini have finally got in touch with me; a letter more or less mirroring what Citroen sent to me, dated 12th July with the date of 3rd June for the parking transgression, as previously. It really is impractical for me to get to Beckenham to try to find out the details of the signage etc, but can do it if it is necessary. What do you guys think? Make the long trip to Beckenham and give you all more info, appeal based on the length of time between parking and notice to Citroen, or just ignore it and hope they'll go away? Ta.
  6. Well the notice itself is dated 30th June, with the offence supposedly taking place on 3rd June.
  7. Any thoughts on the 27 days elapsing between the parking occurring and the notice being issued?
  8. Hello, and apologies for the poor quality of the images, my scanner isn't working at present. I believe that these should give you all you need. DX100 is it the lease company which didn't enter in to the contract? Neither did I, as the lessee, but my wife did. I don't think that that would cut it if I owned the car outright. From what I can see, under Schedule 4 of the 2012 Protection of Freedoms Act, they need to issue the pcn within 14 days. This has been 27 days, do I have grounds for appeal on that? 27 days seems suspicious to me, as there are 28 day limits out there too, and it looks like they left it to the last minute to send it, if that is the case.
  9. Hi, I've searched a few threads, but don't think that any match my issue. I have a leased car. On 3rd June my wife went to Beckenham with my kids and parked in the Beckenham Gym car park. When she arrived, she couldn't find a space so left to park somewhere else, eventually returning and finding somewhere in that same car park. We have received a notice from the legal owners of the car, the leasing company, stating that they have received a 'fine' from Gemini Parking Solutions, that they have passed on my details and that, if I do not pay it, they will pay and charge me £40 for their efforts. They have enclosed the notice from Gemini. Firstly, the charge notice has been sent dated 30th June for a 3rd June event and my wife has difficulties recalling all the details. They have provided photographic evidence of the car arriving and leaving, but my wife claims that she was not there for the entire time, having left and re-entered. The notice states 2h55m, but given what my wife was doing, there is no way she could have been there that long. My initial thoughts would be to tell Gemini to clear off, but what if the leasing company pay them? They have a direct debit mandate with me so can presumably pay up and pass it on to me. Any ideas?
  10. So is the consensus amongst those in the know that the service not having first class scheduled is not a defence in this instance? And where are you finding all these "smart" FCC people!?! Certainly not where I go.
  11. I will reiterate that, in my experience, the ticket inspectors on that line are intimidating in appearance, intimidating in their manner and quick to issue penalties without grounds. Please ensure that the service in question was scheduled to have first class accommodation.
  12. I am very familiar with this train line, using it daily, although not between the stations which you mention. The ticket inspectors on this line are, in my opinion, little more than thugs. They wear wollen caps to their eyelines, tattooed hands and necks etc. They behave in an aggressive manner to befit their appearance. I am sure FCC know this and feel it benefits their business operations. They often do large ticket checks at Elephant and Castle and it is as well that the British Transport Police are there as seeing such a group of people would put anyone on edge and having police there means you won't get your wallet nicked. On top of this, I find them to have quite the lack of knowledge and they will give fines and issue threats in the first instance without checking their facts. Now, you mention that you believed that there would be declassified first class through central London. From my station, on which the trains run along that same stretch up to five times an hour, only 2 or 3 trains have first class accomodation and therefore, on those that don't, if you are sitting in first class, there is nothing they can do. I had one of these lunatics issue me with a fixed penalty notice for sitting in first class. I told him that it was not a first class service. He aggressively insisted it was and I began to doubt myself so I paid up the £20. He was threatening court action if I did not pay up on the spot. He could barely conceal the tattoos down his wrists, chinese writing, had a little bumfluff moustache to make himself appear more authoritative. I got off the train, checked the timetable on the wall and, lo and behold, no 1 over the service. I had to appeal it and I got my £20 back after a long wait. It was satisfying in itself but I wish it hadn't happened at all. So, make sure the service is advertised as having 1st class. If it is to Sutton / Wimbledon, the chances are that it doesn't. Don't expect that because this joker had a tie on that he knows what he is up to at all. Search for the train departure that you were on and look for a 1 over the service.
  13. Does an Oyster not have a "buffer" of the amount of deposit paid, allowing the Oyster to go to negative balance and allowing the transport company to be paid? So your Oyster balance would have been -£0.10 and then if you top up by £5, your new balance will be £4.90?
  14. They gave up hassling me but I know the debt hasn't gone away. My home in Dublin, with the same bank, is in about €100k negative equity so I'm not sure what they can do. They can pursue me through the courts to the UK to discover I am penniless and with a family. They will have paid a substantial amount to do so and still be no closer to their funds. So it's just on ice at present.
  15. Although you are in the UK, the debt is covered by Irish law. Most of the DCA's actions are forbidden under Non-Fatal Offences Against the Person Act 1997, clause 11. http://www.irishstatutebook.ie/1997/en/act/pub/0026/print.html
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