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  1. yes i am over 21 in fact i am 30 years old and ive done lots of jobs ranging from farming to security gaurd and this is the worst company i have ever worked for...
  2. also hi lefty i heard your name in and about (name of company) you send the fear of god into them and also heard they wanted to employ you have you been approched by them...
  3. my typical day starts getting everything ready for that days deliverys then having to move evrything about and the intake of stock plus cleaning up plus an hour for my dinner that is the day gone. this is the worst company i have ever worked for were women get the promotions before men ive gave 4 years to this company and got nothing in return i evan taken all the cousres to be a manager and i am still on sales .
  4. yes cause the women dont do anything apart from sell there get to hit there targets but because i am always doing other things it is impossible for me to hit mine
  5. i need some advice if anyone can help????? i work for ((Edit) and have done for the past 4 years i work in a store that is full of women my problem is that they are trying to manage me out the buisiness saying i am not hitting my targets and have put me on an action plan i dont think this is fair or legal as i have to do all the hard work of moving all the suites ,tvs and everything else and the women do nothing but sell all the jobs that i have to do takes up most of the working day every day every day of the week not leaving me time to do my main job. i am also the lowest paid person in the whole of (Edit) making £5.78 an hour please could someone out there help and give me some advice thank you.......
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