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  1. Hi Tony Sorry to hear your news. I am in similar boat along with many many more. I have put a complaint in to RBS and am waiting to hear from them. I do agree a joint effort is needed and more publicity. I have contacted my MP but much more is needed. I will post any news.
  2. Hi My solicitor is still waiting for the tapes of when the rate swap was done. Once we receive them the complaint will go in. Others on the forum may have more advice for you but I will let you all know how it is going.
  3. Hi All Does anyone want to protest outside the Royal Courts of Justice or Houses of Parliament? I am so outraged at how my bank (RBS) has treated me regarding this rate swap loan. Send me a message and I will arrange it.
  4. Hi MadMountainman I think we should all club together. The way we have all been treated by the banks is terrible.
  5. Hi MadMountainman I am no expert. I just went on this site to let it be known there are lots of us out there with simailar problems about the way these rate swaps etc were sold. I have sought legal advice and am going to the FSO. I will post again if I get any useful information.
  6. Hi Chevvers If you google rate swap and mis-sold her firm comes up. They are a firm of solicitors. Also Lushbury, I no longer bank with RBS the rate swap payments brought our business to its knees. I hope this helps.
  7. Hi Chevvers. I am seeing Claire Collinson on thursday and I will post again.
  8. Hi I believe I was mis-sold a similar product from RBS. I am trying to negotiate with the bank now. I asked for a fixed rate loan but got a rate swap instead. I only realised when the extra payments started going out of my account.
  9. Similar thing happened to me. I have sought legal advice but I am still trying to negotiate with the bank. I believe I was too mis-sold this product thinking it was (and asking for) a fixed rate loan. I only realised when the payments started going out of my account.
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