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  1. Thanks for the reply. I think you are probably right, but you can never be sure. However, how do you think the OR would react to us going to live in the property whilst BR? Circumstances might leave us no choice - do you think they could then argue that I'm gaining further interest whilst living there before discharge?
  2. Thanks. That's a fair comment of course, and a useful way of looking at it. I don't want to avoid paying them in an IPA, but conversely I want to change my life - my job is partly to blame for the situation that I'm in. It's a time/money conundrum: I need the time (and some money) to re-skill, which would mean less time working and earning to pay into and IPA. I didn't think it was an argument that I was likely to win with the OR, but I was interested to know what they might make of my case.
  3. I presume the answer to this question is going to be no, but I was wondering if a budget for an IPA or an IVA would make an allowance for re-skilling? I desperately need to change my job as the stress of my current job contributes greatly to my poor mental health which means I can't work as much as I'd like and has brought me to the verge of bankruptcy (for a second time unfortunately). However I will either have to go BR or enter into an IVA before I can do so. I presume that with either situation, the money paid in fees for tuition would be considered 'excess' and due to my creditors an
  4. Hello to everyone - this is my first post (I have posted this on another forum also, but got no replies). Unfortunately I'm now facing bankruptcy for the second time (discharged in 2002) - I still can't quite believe it. I've been maintaining all my payments but failed to appreciate my tax burden as it became due this January (I've not been well, with severe depression) and the £8500 I now owe the HMRC (with an additional £3k due in July) AND the fact that I lost my work contract in January so that I don't have a regular income (I'm self employed), is tipping me over the edge into bankrup
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