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  1. I have a debt of. £3500 with barclays they have passed it on to mackenzie hall i have tried to negotiate with barclays they refused to deal with me and told me to go to m and h i dont want to go to them as tbey are a bunch of sharks and i dont trust them. Also i have sent them 2 c and d letters which i sent by recorded delivery and i know they got them and they have ignored them and still keep trying to ring and text me and said in a letter they are going to call round to the house am waiting to hear from oft about them. Any advice for me please
  2. I am waiting for news about an iva plan with barclays which they have ignored so far cab have told me not to be in contact with them all I get is threatening letters of barclays and phone calls my solution is get barclays landline number and divert there calls back to them
  3. I have just replied for iva on barclays on my overdraft and loan the overdraft is £870 and my loan is just over £3000 the cab have made repayment offers of £1 a month on each of them barclays have ignored them and keep sending threatening letters and keep trying to ring my mobile off a different number every time the cab have told me to ignore them and are going to send them a follow up letter
  4. Cars have tried to get in touch with me about an expired phone contract with 3 my contract was coming to an end june last year and I sorted a new conract at the 3 shop 30 days before my old contract ended 3 rang me up and asked me if I wanted to continue and I said no and 3 said ok no problem but they ignored it and billed me for the next 3 months so I cancelled the direct debit and the next thing I got is a letter from cars saying I owe 3 2 months money I rang cars up and they said it was a rolling contract I said bull it was an expired contract and they had no rights and they hung up on me
  5. Barclays keep messing me about with my mis sold ppi claim I put claim in june last year with firm claims for you. Had 2 letters back off barclays saying they were keeping claim on file. Claims for you are taking barclays to court and barclays are using delaying tactics by keep asking for a month longer to do there defence which claims for you have to give them or barclays would go straight to the court and get the time anyone else had this problem
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