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  1. So is it worth my while paying off the defaults. I worked out I can clear them all in 3 years affordably contributing equally to each. It is that or just let them fall off my file. Either way am I correct in understanding my credit will not change for 6 years from the defaults?
  2. Thanks for the reply... So is there a benefit to me paying these debts off. Or will I just be in the same place in 6 years either way?
  3. Hi all, not posted here for years! So I've been working away an being young have neglected my credit as I've always been disinterested. Now I'm home and settling down I have decided to pull my Experian Credit Report. It is DIRE! My score is 141 which translates as VERY Poor! I have a total current debt of £4315.00 Individually American Express: 2475.00 EE trading as T-Mobille: 1074.00 Royal Bank of Scotland: 500.00 Wonga: 266.00 The RBS is being paid at £50 a month at the moment. But I'm currently tracking down details to contact t
  4. I purchased a voucher off 'Barclays Bespoke offers' for a video camera on ebuydeal. I paid for express delivery and 3 weeks later still hasn't arrived. I've sent 3 emails and finally received an email with a tracking number but with no delivery service mentioned and no where to track it on their site. The company seems to be based in India, their twitter is virtually none existent and they provide no phone number. I contacted bespoke offers and was telephones by a rep who offered me a refund on the voucher + £5 for inconvenience. (She however contacted me off an unavail
  5. I am currently in arrears with Wonga, £200, simply through procrastinating with payments etc. I cannot take out another Wonga or any other payday loan. However recently strange things have been happening with my credit situation. I have just been accepted by American Express for a Gold preferred rewards card. I have been accepted by T-Mobile for 2 lines with free top range handsets (galaxy s2) I have been accepted by Capital one for a Secured card having to pay a security fee on £49 At the same time. I have been turned down for an Overdraft with my bank RBS. I have als
  6. So here's the details you asked for. Sketchy at best as I'm doing this post on families behalf. Orange were owed £180.00, They passed on the debt to 'Northern Debt Recovery' which I have been told are Orange (not sure of the accuracy of this). My Mother called 'Northern Debt Recovery' and it was suggested she organize a payment plan and pay what she can afford; £50.00 every two weeks was agreed and a payment of £50.00 was made immediately. My Mother took the operators name and was prepared to pay another installment two weeks later. Upon ringing the company to make the second payment,
  7. Hi guys. Does anyone know anything/have any experiences with NDR which is a branch of the Orange company. They seem to be being very nasty with my family. Any advice on how to stop them with this attitude?
  8. Hey guys. I e-mailed the bosses like you suggested. Shortly after the same night I e-mailed, I got back a very co-operative response with a very affordable payment plan attached. Thanks alot for everyones advice. This site has proved to be an invaluable resource! Kind Regards BPJD
  9. Hi, So I sent what you advised. It took them until tonight 07/03/2011 to respond simply. 'Please call collections' What now? They don't seem to be playin the game. Thanks again guys
  10. Cheers guys, do uou reccomend e-mailing the customer service dept or collections? thanks. Also what do you reccomend i write to them. Like what should I say ?
  11. Hello, I posted a few days ago seeking advice however got one response which was not helpful at all. I'm hoping this time to get more responses. On 24th November, I took out a Wonga loan for £100.00 it was for an immediate cost, and I know I was stupid to do it, but everyone is entitled to a mistake or two. Due to cashflow problems I have had to roll over the loan and it was due on March 1st, I recieved an e-mail saying I could have extended again but cash is that bad I couldn't even afford that. I owed £206.26 on the 1st March and now £20 has been added to that for failed collection
  12. Hello. I took out a wonga loan of £100 in December time for late unexpected expenses which due to circumstances has been rolled over a few times and is now £204. I know this is my fault. But I suppose it happens. I got an e-mail off them this morning notifying me of failed collection, that I must pay full amount today or roll it over. If I don't they will incur a charge for failed collection. I cannot afford to do either. I have 4 bank accounts, so whatever they try to take won't come out but they will still charge and I can imagine my bank will still charge! My money situation
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