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  1. In 2005 my wife and I bought our home from our local authority and were paying our mortgage and a seperate equity release loan fine. In 2007 we experienced some problems and missed 6 months mortgage and equity payments. Our arrears came to approx 3000 pounds. In Dec 2007 we restarted making payments but by then HSBC had already initiated court proceedings for possession. We contacted HSBC via phone and letter and made an offer of £20 extra per month on both the mortgage and equity release and this was agreed but HSBC insisted on making it all official and took it to court and a suspended
  2. My first post so go easy on me Almost a month to the day I surrended and after a titanic struggle to raise 450 pound (600 had I still been self employed) I filled for bancruptcy and was accepted. One of the debts included on the bankruptcy form was for 40 pound owed to british gas being chased by advantis credit (i take it we all know who those muppets are). I had a letter today from a company calling themselves Past Due Credit Solutions (very advantis looking letter) for the same debt advantis were chasing, a formal demand no less to avoid a field visit:rofl:. Q./ Is past due
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