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  1. My husband is going to go down to Trafford Council office today, i think face to face may work rather than over the phone, they cannot get away with this, they have made no attempts to contact us since 2008, we just received this newlyns letter, we have paid the council tax debt to them so they need to get rid of the bailiffs as far as I am concerned its now finished.
  2. The notice of distress says: Take notice - that by virtue of the authority of a magistrates court liability order dated May 15 2008 and obtained by and with the authority of Trafford council I have this day attended the premises (and our home address) to seize and distrain upon goods for the sun of £346.65 The next paragraph says unless paid within 5 days they will take goods and then they have listed in inventory of goods MY Merc that was parked on the drive. Not my husbands vehicle so I know they can't seize that anyway but found it laughable
  3. The very very first we have heard of this debt is this Newlyns letter which was I assume hand posted today as there is no stamp on it. The council said they couldn't find my husband yet we have lived here for 5 years. They said that Newlyns must have found us as the council said they didn't have this address which I find completely crackers as we have been here 5 years. I think my husband is going to go down to Trafford Council and speak to someone face to face as we got nowhere with 1.5 hours phone call with them. I will copy what you have mentioned and get him to
  4. Hello, Whilst myself and my husband were in our house a letter had been pushed through the letterbox from Newlyns. It contained 2 letters both dated 5th November 1. Take Formal Notice 2. Notice of distress. This is for council tax in the amount of £165.34 they have added charges on and the bill now equates to £346.65 It said it was for unpaid council tax for Trafford Council for my husband, we worked out when he lived in that district and it was 2005 for about 3 months. They had detailed on this distress notice that they intended to seize my 35K Mercedes car
  5. Thankyou for this, I think ill wait and see if we get anything else.
  6. Hello, I wonder if you can help me, my husband has received a letter from these people for a debt just over £6K it says the client is "Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 LTD" He has absolutley no idea who Hoist is, but from the amount he thinks its from an Abbey National Loan from about 2001/2002 and he hasnt had any contact for over 6 years. He also received a phone call from Drysden today, I actually answered his phone as I thought it was one of our business contacts, it was a blocked number. I told them he wasnt here and asked for a number to call them back on. The letter is just a bog sta
  7. Ok have sent off to reclaim the PPI, I will tackle the overlimit charges etc next... however we have received another letter but this time from Robinson Way saying they have been instructed to collect payment on behalf of Capquest. Can I ask even though they have finally sent a copy of the agreement allbeit way way over the time frame, what letter can I send them, it it still enforceable even though they didnt comply with the dates within the CCA I sent them. What letter shall I send to Robinson Way? Im just a bit confused as to the next step with regards to this letter, this is the
  8. oh really crikey that has surprised me, how do we go about doing that and what reason do we give for trying to claim it back?
  9. Hi 2Grumpy, the CCA finally arrived 10 weeks after we sent the request, its the same photocopy that Aqua had sent us in the subject access request pack that arrived from them, so I assume its enforceable but I dont know much about these things. The amount of PPI paid isnt going to make a great dent but its something so will see if we can get it back. I assume there is nothing we can do about the overlimit charges and the late fee charges on this either? We want this sorting on the credit file as we are wanting to apply for a new mortgage in the next few years so really do need t
  10. ims21 thankyou so much for such a concise and helpful post, I had drafted a letter for Aqua but the excel sheet will be a lot better to include, I had downloaded the forms from the FOS site but was worrying what to do regarding the letters from Capquest, but I shall await the next one from them and then send them the despute account letter. thanks again this is exactly what I was needing.
  11. thanks but I already know that and we are, but wanted to know how to proceed with the rest of it, I have posted since you said to reclaim the ppi advising what paperwork we have finally received from capquest and how long it took to receive and they are now asking for payment, what do we do, do we offer a figure, do we have to pay the lot, or something else?
  12. Ok need a bit of help please, we have finally received some paperwork from CAPQUEST a full 10 weeks after we sent them the CCA, it has a photocopy of the credit agreement along with the terms and conditions and copies of the statements (which we already have from Aqua) it also says they are adding 1% interest on every month until we agree to pay it, are they allowed to do this and can anyone give us some advise as to how to proceed from here?
  13. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296062-Capquest-Statutory-Demand-help&p=3422585#post3422585 my thread is here, we received the Stat Demand and then we issued a CCA we received the deed of assignment from Capquest and a letter saying they were not pursuing the stat demand now, since then we have received nothing else whatsoever, I have not yet sent anything to OFT but have both letters from them, I am not sure what to write to OFT.
  14. oh sorry I wasnt sure where to find the info to actually do this, but thanks ill take a look at the website you have mentioned, we have never claimed any of this back before mainly because I have never taken any of this out as I have always been self employed. thanks again
  15. Hi DX100UK just wondered if you had some advice regarding the PPI. thanks again for your help, on a side note we have still had no further correspondance from Capquest?
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