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  1. DX100 yes very much so. Unfortunately the PPI failed due to the archaic and almost invisible postal system here in Manila.
  2. To all that helped. I eventually got a Senior Adjudicator at the FOS involved and got the missing payment paid within two weeks. Many thanks for all the he givenl
  3. Thanks for the info but if needed who do I send the claim to. The last letter I received reference to Marbles came from Bank of Scotland in June 2018. It seems that they are mudding the water to stop paying me. This was awarded in Oct 2018 prior to my PPI claim in Jan 2019 that fell apart (lack of postal service here in Albay) and at the time I had no idea that Marbles were no longer a legal entity. The Plevin payment came out of the blue from the Lawyers defence of this PPI claim. I am banging my head against a brick wall with FOS since June and have also made an official complaint to the FOS about no action or updates. The lawyer [email protected]***solicitors.com doesn't want to provide any further info even though he says he was waiting for clients instructions to pay by FPS. The BOS customer services don't have a clue a d have never responded.
  4. dx100 ... It says that one is from HSBC and the other from HBOS. But I see that they are both owned by Bank of Scotland They have not sent it to me here in Philippines as the addresses I have had here are all family and they would have passed it on, the only thought I have is they have posted it to my old UK address which was sold 6 years ago and they were aware of it as I hae had letters from Marbles at the addresses here.
  5. If I have to take court action who do I issue it to. Bank of Scotland, HSBC, HBOS or Joint and several as this was a Marbles Credit Card Also Bank Fodder, this was awareded by the Bank not through a court This is a draft of the letter I will send on Monday I find that I have to write to you again with reference to a Marbles Plevin Redress which was purportedly notified to me on the 17th October 2018 and cheques sent to me on October 31st 2018. This redress is against the following account numbers HFC Bank Limited (a subsidiary of HSBC) on the 12 May 2004 under account number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx (the agreement). The agreement and the PPI policy was acquired by HSBC on or around October 2007 and was given agreement number xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx and was subsequently transferred to the HBOS system around February 2009 (subsequently xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx On the 17 th October a letter was sent detailing that the claim was upheld and that two cheques had been sent. HSBC Redress totaling £481.44 after tax paid of £49.79 and HBOS Redress totaling £389.72 after tax deducted of £108.64. Neither of these letters or the cheques were received and was confirmed by your Lawyer [email protected] late April 2019 that neither had they been presented and therefore out of date. A request was made for an electronic payment to the following account Transferwise Sort Code xx.xx.xx Account xxxxxxxx I was informed by you Lawyer that he was waiting for instructions Despite the ruling by the FOS in October 2018 you have failed to comply and I will be taking action in the County Court to enforce the FOS decision +8% interest plus your costs in 10 days and without any further notice.
  6. If I have to take court action who do I issue it to. Bank of Scotland, HSBC, HBOS or Joint and several as this was a Marbles Credit Card
  7. Bank Fodder This did not come to light until April as I knew nothing about it until I issued a Court summons to Marbles for PPI in January 2019. The defence Lawver said that he was waiting for instructions to make an electronic payment as I only have Transferwise account. I was then stuffed by the Lawyer as I issued the claim against a non entity. However their defence states that there was a letter sent to me on 17th October 2018 and that cheques were sent to me on 31st October 2018 which both failed to arrive and I have the email stating that the cheques have not been presented. As I live in S E Asia I wanted the FOS to deal with this as I had no contact names or telephone numbers and since June I have sent the complsint three times as requested and about 8 requests for an update but have hit a brick wall with no responses. I have also complained via the BOS Web about this on 15 October and received nothing and again twice more since with no reaction.
  8. Hi I was awarded £871.16 Plevin redress for Marbles MasterCard in October 2018 but these cheques never arrived. Still have not arrived and now want payment as i am in a spot of financial trouble. FOS are not helping one little bit and neither are he BoS Despite three letters attempting to get payment. I have poof that it has been awarded and proof that they have not been presented. How can I get them to sort this out without any court battle as this was awarded by the bank itself. Many thanks for any help
  9. Dx. Yes I can file a claim and have. I have the claim number. I have done all the leg work and have been rejected. Twice. Once by NewDay in 2015 who were a bit slow advising g the CMC that was making the claim and was unable to go to the FOS as Newday rejected as out of time I April 2018 l sent a PAP letter to Leeds and I received the letter I typed above in June 2018 stating I could go via the FOS. I held off for a while giving them a chance to reply but eventually went to the FOS which again was refused due to Iinitial complaint being rejected in Oct 2018. I had no response to the PAP Letter except the above. There has been no mention by either Leeds or the FOS that Marbles no longer existed therefore in Jan 2019 I issued my claim. I have a claim number and had a fee exemption
  10. Dx. It was sold to Callquest with a debt of about £3k and was written off. I made no payments to Callquest. As all the PPI was invoiced by Marbles surely they are responsible
  11. Unable to upload letter as PC just went down. Typed as per letter I am contacting you about the PPI concerns raised. We have not yet finished our investigation into your complaint. I am grateful for your patience while we complete our review. NEXT STEPS We expect to write to you with our final decision within the next 8 weeks. We are sorry for the delay. FINANCIAL OMBUDSMAN SERVICE. As it has been 8 weeks since you contacted us about your concerns you have the right to refer your case to the FOS. The Ombudsman offers a free independent review service. You can find more information on the back of this page and on the enclosed leaflet. If you have any questions please get in touch. You can call us on 01244 698 298 or write to us at the address at the top of this letter. (Leeds) please quote xxxxxxxx xxx Yours sincerely Sean Quins Customer Services Operations Director The back of the letter refers to FOS and Legal Ombudsman service
  12. 2Hi Dx Yes. It was sold to Callquest in December 2012. I have been messed around by these since 2014 Will upload the entire file a bit later as on mobile phone at mo. PAP sent to Marbles in Leeds
  13. Good day all Can anyone confirm when Marbles CC ceased to be a legal entity please i ask as i live in SE Asia and have submitted a PPI claim but the Lawyers are trying to strike out as claim is against an entity that no longer exists Although i have communications from BOS from a PAP letter dated Oct 2019 and supposdly paid out the Plevin part of the claim. Also need address to write to as the Plevin part state cheques sent Oct 31 but not received many thanks for your tome
  14. I am on Industrial Injuries Dsablement Benefit (assesed at 40%) and have been since 1980. When you had you accident were you paid Sickness Benefit or Industrial Injuries Benefit I ask as if it was Industrial were you not invited to attend a medical to assess the severity of the injury and was the HSE involved. If so what was the outcome? If you were awarded a weekly/2 weekly payment then you would have attended future medicals. If you were paid a one-off lump sum (that is assesed at 20% or less) then you will not be able to make a further claim
  15. What would happen if you took a day or two off with a certified doctors note
  16. Hi all There is a CAG wiki link https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?296108-Hot-news-for-anyone-who-has-suffered-mortgage-arrears-charges-irresponsible-lending-or-other-unfair-lender-conduct Has this been updated since 2011 please Thanks
  17. I can help this person but worried that it may be classed as advertising. If so please delete Try [removed - dx] They are an open borders bank/remittance company. You may find on opening the Web page it looks American but it is a world wide service. It is authorised by the FCA in the UK [removed - dx]
  18. Andy, thanks for the links but I have just done a clean reinstall of windows 10 but after a search of the web it seems as though many people have a problem with the April 1803 update and like myself still cant update the system even after following all the MS Help and experts. Looks as though Microsoft has made a huge mistake releasing this update before any serious testing has been done
  19. Eventually removed the registry entries by using the old regedit which was originally included with Windows 3. But the actual files that were associated with the entries could not be deleted and i could not find the locks. Eventually re-installed windows and still cannot download the April 1803 update. Have now given up. Thanks for all the replies.
  20. Cancel the Direct Debit and replace with a standing order. They cannot increase a standing order without you yourself doing it.
  21. I have accessed the Super Administrator account, used Pwershell as Admin and most of Microsoft fixes but never considered your way as it's old school. Thanks
  22. Andy Tried nearly all of the reg cleaners including a couple of professional ones to no effect. Even the Avira specialst cleaner has udentified its own files as not deleted. Thanks for the thought. I have also gone through 99% of the verified Microsoft experts but still have the problem.
  23. Good day to all I seem to have a problem with the Windows 1803 update that for some reasons after many hours searching the so called experts cannot put right. I can download the New Version Update (1803) no problems at all but when it tries to install it tells me that I have Avira Security blocking the install. I have uninstalled this many months ago before I even contemplated updating. After reading the Avira website ref: Registry and safe boot options I eventually managed to locate 4 Avira folders and files in safe mode (unable to find them in standard mode even with hidden files showing). BUT ... they are locked and no matter what I have used or the options offered I am unable to unlock these files/folders. I have tried all the unlockers, deletion apps etc and non move/unlock it. I have tried to change the files security/owners options, group policy options but nothing seems to work. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how I can get rid of this pain so I can update my computer. I cannot use restore as this is so far back that the point of Avire deletion has long gone. Any help that may keep my hair appreciated Many thanks
  24. Most of the debts are with DCA's as have been sold by the original card issuers. There are no CCA's available for the alleged debt but they are not Statute Barred yet. If they cannot comply with a compliant CCA request then stop paying them until they can
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