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  1. Just had a call from my colleague. Still only THL and1i Month Loan have responded. Wonga sent a auto generated email 14 hours after her 1str email re a repayment plan advising they will respond to her email within 24-48 hrs. Advised her to call them to explain her predicament as many have said she will need to complete a I&E. She was informed this must be done by midnight aas payment is due tomorrow. She had offered them £79 pcm. firt attempt they said £314 based on her I&E - riduculous givne she clearly couldn't afford this. After 3 attempt trying to get it to around £79 she got the r
  2. Thanks once again for all your advice. Your support is much appreciated. We've found the info on the FSA website re CPAs so my colleague is taking it to the bank at lunch time. folloiwng the emails she forwarded yesterday, 1 Month Loan have accepted a monthly payment of £50 over 9 months and THL have accepted£30 per month over 6 months although are adding a £35 set up fee and confirm they will not add interest etc if the first installment is paid tomorrow - which hopefully ic will be if the rest of the PDL companies don't attempt to empty the account. CFO have replied stating they don't accept
  3. Thanks for that advice wesfield. many threads alluded to the bankd being legally obliged to stop cpas however the bank told my colleague catagorically they couldn't!. Will check the site for further info. In the email we put in a sentences "I remove all rights for you to take money from my account. I withdraw your authority to take regular payments from my bank account. " is that sufficent or do you think she should forward another email specifically regarding the cpa.We're in the 11th hour and it's panic stations!
  4. Thanks for your advice Jamie. Emails were forwarded to each PDL company tonight. It's all been rather rushed due to delay in getting to bank and as they are all due on 30th so it's unlikely they will all be set up but at least they have been contacted with an offer. Fingers crossed.
  5. Mixed outcome when my colleague went to the bank. Although trying to appear helpful, basicallyYorkshire Bank would not open her another account, cancel any continuous payment mandate or freeze payments out of the account. They did complete forms to prevent each of the PDLs from taking the exact ammount due, but this doesn't prevent them from taking varying amounts from her account if they wanted (which we all know they will attempt). These were completed on the basis that the companies had been informed of the request to cancel the agreement and enter a repayment plan, which she hasn't done y
  6. Thanks Westfield. Maybe I was lucky when I set up a new account with my existing bank as they transferred all DDs, my salary and confirmed they would not make any payments from my old account. My colleague is with Yorkshire Bank who appear somewhat uncooperative, however we shall know more tomorrow. Do you think if she makes it clear she doesnt want the two accounts associated and that once her salary and DDs are transferred that she cancels the old account, this will prevent any association between the two accounts. I suppose she will need to get the bank to confirm they will not do this.
  7. Once again thank you Mise Eire for your guidance. Your advice is very much appreciated. I've forwarded your advice to my colleague for tomorrow and the emails are ready for her to send to the various companies once her money is more secure. Last night she was reading threads about Microlend and Minicredit which have really worried her, especially given both companies were very threatening and the situations continued continued for almost 12 months. Although I advised not all PDLs react in such and aggressive manner and I only had a bad experience with PDE, who after 4 month did agree to a rep
  8. Thank you Mise Eire.My colleague has an appointment with the bank tomorrow so will tell her to take a letter e continuous payments but to also push for a new account with a different account number and either freeze her old account or transfer her salary to her new account at midnight. The main problem is not setting a new account with a different bank but that it is too late for work to arrange her salary payment into a different account and obviously all the PDLs are due on the same day. Once again advice on this site has been invaluable.
  9. Will getting a new bank card prevent the payments being made as it will have a different number and end date etc My colleague has already asked for this stating she has lost her debit card? She has checked and none of the PDL companies have set up DDs on her account but do have her bank account details. Just read on another thread that you could request the bank cancel continuous payments to companies. Are they likely to do that given the number of PDLs my colleague has? When she spoke with her bank she was given a mini lecture about paying back money owed to companies and unless there was go
  10. Thanks for your quick responses. I appreciate your comment about being a good friend but I don't think I am doing anything any one of us wouldn't do having been in a similar situation. I can still remember the overwhelming feeling of worry and feeling totally alone with the problem until I found this site sense of being alone so anything I can do to help her I will.It's too late to get her salary paid into another accountand the added problem is she has a number of DD's due out on 30th/1st for which she needs money in her account. Will getting a new card not stop the PDL companies accessing h
  11. Please can you provide advice on how I can help a colleague with her Payday loan debt. I too was in debt last year and, with help from this site, managed to set up repayment plans with all of my creditors. However my colleagues situation is slightly different and I'm don't want to provide the wrong advice. Although I have told her about this site, she has limited access to a computer that alll the family use, so I have agreed to contact you on her behalf. We have callculated she owes over £5000 in loans + 1 months interest and has loans with Wonga, CFO, 1month loan, Minicredit, THL, 247 Money
  12. Thanks renegadeimp. I know she has kept a detailed record of the calls she's made and the reason she has been calling was to find out whether the money was going to be sent to her account as she was desperate for cash. Although I have explained that if a PDL is her only option, there are other companies out there that charge far less thant the £39 per £100 that CFO do! Her worry is that CFO willl take the loan amount + interest from her account (which she could not afford if she takes out a loan with another company) and it's too late to stop her next wage being paid into her account. As CFO
  13. Hi. Has anyone had any experience of, what appears to be, appalling customer service from this firm? Despite knowing the problems I have had with PDLs in the past, this has not stopped my colleague requesting a reloan with Capital Finance One. She requested a loan on 2nd May but unfortunately got 1 digit wrong in her bank account details. CFO advise they released the funds on 3rd using the incorrect account number, which suprised me as I would assume they would cross reference the info from the previous months request. After several phone calls she was eventually informed of this error on the
  14. Thanks Padja. You're rightI shouldn't ring them as I need to keep proof of any communications. I think I will write again advising that I prefer to keep all communication via letter unless anyone has any other suggestions.
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