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  1. Hi there

    Hoping for some help advice.


    I have been living overseas for the last 2 years.


    A letter came to my parents house this week, from Arrow Global

    saying that Clarity Credit Management had taken over a debt for an overdraft with Royal Bank of Scotland.


    Firstly, I have never had an account with RBS let alone an over draft. I


    did have a NatWest account as a student that may have had an overdraft. But that was in 1999.


    The letter says the date of the original agreement was in 29/09/2004.


    At this time I was living in Dublin so definitely did not take out an account with RBS.


    I have mailed this Credit Management Crowd and have asked them to clarify what this is for as I have never

    had an account with the bank.


    Is there a possibility that this could be the NatWest account?


    If so why would it state a date of 2004?


    I have never had a letter or contact from these people before,

    and obviously I don't even live on that continent any more and I don't plan to any time soon,

    but I obviously don't want these letters going to my parents home. I


    s this statute barred?


    Should I just ignore them?:sad::sad::sad::violin:

  2. Just received the following e-mail from the council so it looks like I'm ok, its a huge relief, I had started to think that I was going to have to pay the money!


    Thank you for your recent contact.


    I can confirm that your name has now been removed from the Council Tax at the above address.


    You are no longer liable for the outstanding charge.


    Yours sincerely

  3. I'm hoping someone can help me, I've received a liability order from 11 years ago, it's the first I've heard of it, I've just moved back to northern Ireland after years of working away.

    I completed my first year of university in liverpool, like most students I lived in halls. In the may at the end of term I signed a tenancy agreement for a house for the following year. I spent the summer at home in northern Ireland and decided to move uni back home. A friend of mine sublet my room from the other occupant of the house.

    Fast forward 11 years and I receive a liability order for the property where I never lived. I called the council and explained, they said I would need proof that I didn't live there. So I got a letter from my ni uni to prove I attended there. So I was a full time student and not living there! The council has told me that I could only be classed as exempt as a student if I was a student in Liverpool! Madness. So they asked me to get more proof, I sent a letter from my bank 2 days ago.... Today I received a bailiff notice from marstons. Now as far as I know there are no bailiffs in ni so they can't follow this route. But can any one advise me on the council tax issue, surely I can't be held liable if I was a full time student regardless of where I studied. Advice would ve appreciated, I'm up the walls :-(

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