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  1. Another type of problem.. .they've dropped the direct debit discount which was shown on the paperwork when I entered my present contract Price Fix March 2016 DD. Talking to them today....asked them why it doesn't show online....she disconnected the call. Rang back and was told they've 'dropped it but everyone was sent a letter last November and it's now in the form of cheaper unit prices....??' - my paperwork's dated Feb 2014! Asked where in my online bill can I see evidence of the new form of discount? Oh dear....'online bill not available to view'. Can I have a
  2. Further to my last post.. ..Santander finally closed the 123 credit card account and touch wood.. ..I've not received any more statements. Hopefully that means it's finally gone. I was paid another £150.00 compensation for the further stress and inconvenience and Which are going to feature the story shortly. I was told over the telephone by Santander's chief exec's media man that the fault lay with the Visa dept but this wasn't explained to me properly or in the final resolution letter. The explanation was weak. No more credit cards for me and thanky
  3. Thankyou Brigadier, what a long and stressful journey it's been. Frightening to be persecuted by a bank that knowingly pursues innocent customers. I'm intrigued as to what was really going on here, I hope I'm told the full story.......
  4. Which's money expert took this to Santander's press office / CEO and yesterday I received a call and email confirming this money will NOT be taken from my account, not on the 22nd and not ever. I will be receiving further information on Monday but I am very relieved that this is being sorted once and for all. Unbelievable.
  5. Thankyou, I will send the story on to Tony Hetherington, I think the story on here says it all. I've also just contacted BBC Watchdog and sent them the details on their website. Be in touch.
  6. Thanks Brigadier but I've done that already. Back in June. Two weeks later and they had no trace of it despite a signed for delivery. I'd like to get this printed in something like the Daily Mail or BBC's Consumer Watchdog, if anyone knows the contact details I'd be very grateful.
  7. You just couldn't make this up...... Since last posting, I've had further compensation from Santander for wrongly taking money from my Santander123 current A/C to cover fraudulent transactions committed against my supposedly closed 123 credit card A/C. As I was still receiving letters asking me to confirm these transactions were nothing to do with me after the apologies and compensation I rang Kathy Hopkins Santander's Complaints Resolutions Officer to let her know it was still not closed. She confirmed in writing that it WAS closed and that I wouldn't h
  8. The update on the above isn't at all good I'm afraid. My formal letter of complaint that the FCA advised me to send to Patrick Keating at Santander Triton Square London was received and signed for on 2nd July. The FCA gave me a reference number for their own report. As of today 16th July I've had no acknowledgement from Santander so I telephoned on 0845 600 6014 to enquire as to what's happening. Nobody seemed to know what was happening as that number just connects with an office that doesn't deal with credit card complaints. I asked them to call me back when they'
  9. Yes I will. Also have contacted the Financial Conduct Authority on the advice of Actionfraud and they are submitting a report. The FCA have given me a reference number and details of who to report to at Santander. Am relieved that this is being taken very seriously.
  10. I'm closing my current account with them now, am angry that they have precious little professionalism and as you say, they are very badly trained. I don't trust them not to take more money from me.
  11. Indeed it is a strange way for a bank to behave, I can't understand why the number displayed on my phone turns out to be a genuine Santander number....... I'm paying a visit to my local branch this morning with all the documents and also reporting this to the Financial Conduct Authority and also the Financial Ombudsman. I have to say I found the guy's behaviour strange yesterday, didn't have any letters to hand, couldn't find a senior advisor etc etc. Yet Santander current A/c's checked him out and said it was a 'genuine' call.....
  12. Thanks for your help BRIGADIER, I've been talking to actionfraud this morning and will be taking this further, they think this behaviour is strange too. I have been given a reference number for my report.
  13. Yes BRIGADIER2JCS I'm amazed. And shocked at Santander asking for details of my current account as security questions when there's already evidence of fraud against my credit card. There are other security details they should have asked me. Also why was this guy ringing from the call centre default number? Surely if he was from Customer complaints calling to deal with the mess they'd made he would have had a different number? I find this appalling.
  14. And no, I didn't give him or her the number. I've told them I want a full written explanation for everything they've done wrong with this account. With all the information they should be holding on this mess they shouldn't be ringing me asking for any security details. They should be sorting the mess out and sending me a written apology.
  15. dx100uk I've rung Santander Current Account complaints and they confirmed it was a genuine call. She then said THEY DO ask customers over the phone to give their security code from the back of the card. Shocking.
  16. Thankyou BRIGADIER 2JCS and dx100uk I will be writing to Santander and also checking out actionfraud. Unbelievably I've just had a phonecall from Keith Ruddle Santander Customer complaints Credit Card Section asking me to give the details of my Santander current a/c debit card and security code before he would give me any details as to what they propose to do. He said he had no record of any letters from Ian Frost or Andrew Eadle. I refused to give him any details of my account. The telephone number that he rang me on was 0800 389 0755. It gets worse and worse.
  17. Early this year I asked Santander to close my 123 credit card account as I wasn't happy with the online presentation of it. I cleared it, owed them nothing. At the end of March I was contacted to say fraudulent activity was occurring. Someone was using a duplicate card in Tesco's Bristol plus other online purchases. I was angry because they hadn't closed the account as instructed. If they had then this wouldn't have happened. I was about to leave for two weeks holiday and I told them the indemnity forms they wanted me to complete would be untouched until I returned. Upon re
  18. Oh yes, it's a great [problem] they're into, and have you ever tried reclaiming your credit? It's like pulling eye teeth.
  19. Have now checked my bill online and can see what they've done to justify ( falsely) upping the DD by £25 a month. Simples! Just increase the customers prospective usage by a few hundred units without waiting for year to elapse to get an accurate average. Bingo.....more money in their account and less in yours! Have told them to adjust the usage and put DD back to what it was. As I'm always at least £100 in credit and regularly refunded - after a wait - they had absolutely no justification to charge me more. The carryings on of energy companies are w
  20. They've now tweeted to say they sent a notification email on October 10th which of course did not appear in my inbox. Need to raise the profile of this. A new [problem] by the energy companies who think they can walk on water.
  21. Thanks to everyone for your replies, that's really interesting. It appears they say they've sent you something in the post when you ring and complain but there's no evidence. How can they get away with this??
  22. Npower are now increasing direct debits without any prior notification. My direct debit was increased by £25 this month and according to someone on their complaints team today it is legal to do this without notifying the customer. When I told them I'd had no email or letter announcing their intention I was told 'we applied a notification on your account'. I'm not in debit to them and I have an online account for duel fuel. What makes things worse is that two days ago I rang them and discussed the tariffs and told them I'd wait a while before deciding any changes.
  23. Thankyou scoobied, I will have a go! Sky are not giving any reassurance that Yahoo will have the IMAP option, that's not good enough. This should all have been sorted, they are taking a backward step.
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