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  1. Thank you Ros1609 for your reply. I have made a payment today of £10 and will continue to do so, should i respond to the letter repeating what i have already said or ignore!?
  2. Hi, I've had an ongoing overpayment situation since last year for £3500, i wrote to HMRC in November making an offer of £10 month due to low income etc etc.....never heard anything until 16th January 2014 apologising for the delay in responding but they had now passed the debt to a DCA and i should contact them direct to discuss. Letter from DCA dated 24th January (Rossendales) to say they had taken over the debt and they were disappointed i had not responded!!!!! I wrote to Rossendales 28th January saying that due to my financial situation i could only offer to pay £10 and i w
  3. Sorry not been online for a while, my mum has been really poorly....... Anyway i would guess by now taxibhoy that you've managed to speak to them, how have you got on?
  4. Hi Guys, Well sorry for the delay coming back to you, my mum has been seriously ill for the last 3 months so my time has been taken up with doctors, hospitals etc.. ...thankfully she seems to be on the mend now. i sent the £1.00 postal order etc off end of October and next thing i received it back with the postal order uncashed and them saying they were not able to help and they were passing it back to the original creditor!!!!! Step forward another month i receive a threatening letter from Shoosmiths LLP Solicitors saying that unless i make contact with them an
  5. Awww, so pleased for you. Just proves the point if you stand up for yourself and don't give up then it can work out. My update, i wrote to them over 6 weeks ago with my income/expenditure and as yet not had a response with how much i need to pay back each month, if i am honest i'm not in a rush to chase them, i am sure they will be in touch in due course. These forums are ace and it's great that we can help each other and give advice that is helpful to others in a similar situation.
  6. Well done for sorting it out, yes it is a big relief once you've made the call, i am in the process of trying to find out how much i will need to pay back, i am paid weekly so i am hoping to make an arrangement with them, i've phoned several times and sat in a queue so now i've written to them with an offer, it's a small amount weekly but at least i am making some effort to pay it back. I do certainly miss the money as other half is still with his dad at the mo, i've also been in touch with a mortgage adviser to check the situation again as i still think i'd be best off selling up and startin
  7. This is what I would do: Call them to cancel claim, if they ask you why, you can say you are about to have a change inI circumstances so you will have to assess new situation an then possibly make a new claim in the future. I wouldn't worry about you having the same name, plenty of people marry and then separate, if you contact them first that is better than what happened to me, which basically forced my hand as I either needed to provide proof of him being there or not. The way to stay in control is don't let them contact you, please don't worry, it sounds like the house business i
  8. Hi space girl, my best advice is to ring them an say you need to update your details, don't tell them any unnecessary info, if you still qualify as a couple just tell them you now have a partner, if you are financially linked via a mortgage or any credit card be careful what you say. So make it your priority to ring them tomorrow, every day you put it off you will only feel worse.. You will not go to prison and the worst that could happen you'll be in my situation an you'll have to repay anything they think you weren't entitled to. Just close single claim if your worried about doing new j
  9. I decided to ring them today, got passed around two different departments and ended up with someone who was really rude, i asked about repaying it weekly, she muttered something about proving i couldn't pay it in full!!!! I politely said if i was in a position to pull £3,000 out of my pocket i wouldn't have been claiming, the snotty response i got was 'most people who claim don't need it'......clearly not going to get into a conversation any further with her so i said i would write to them with an offer of payment, end of conversation!!! It's really annoyed me, i was polite at all
  10. Hello everyone, just an update i finally had a letter today, they have just said that i have been overpaid, it's just over £3,000 and i am thankful they have only taken it back to last year 2012-13 and anything from 6th April 2013 to the date i phoned them. So now i need to get my mind round the thought of paying it back, i do feel very thankful that they haven't fined me or worse. Having read plenty of peoples experiences it does seem that if you try and be straight and as honest as you can they are actually ok with you, i am glad i phoned after putting it off through fear, i agre
  11. It did lol, i surprised myself, but the relief after phoning i wished i had done it sooner, i think a combination of a nice person at the other end of the phone and me just being honest (as much as i dared) helped x
  12. Thanks for your support x
  13. Hi, just wanted to let you know that i have rang them today, i said having taken advice it would seem that i should have been claiming as a couple instead of single, she didn't ask many questions, i just said a couple of times that we are not together as a couple and that he does his own thing the majority of the time. She asked did he pay me maintenance, for which i announced he wasn't my son's father and the main reason we are still living in the same house is down to the fact we cannot afford to sell as there is no equity in the house and by selling wouldn't actually clear the mortage
  14. Thanks for your reply, glad it's a weight off for you, i've still not phoned them, i sat in a queue on Friday for 35 mins on my lunch break and still didn't get through, i need to ring before the end of the week to cancel the claim, i still don't know what i am going to say apart from i am cancelling my claim....never usually this bad when making decisions just frightened of saying the wrong thing or them asking something unexpected and catching me out!! Well done though for dealing with it, i know the days are running out so i'll keep you posted!
  15. Hi slgsue, thank you for your reply. I am still claiming i've been to scared to ring them up to now. I wouldn't be claiming as a couple as we wouldn't qualify due to joint income, but that's the main reason i haven't ever declared him, our relationship is off as much as it is on, it is only down to the fact we cannot afford to sell the house the situation is how it is, hope that makes sense.....h'es currently off at his dads again at the moment, he can't cope with debts etc so he goes off an stays with his dad. I so wish i had the money to sell the house, i could then close this chapt
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