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  1. No the money has definately not been withdrawn, i have always known there was an account but the book was left somewhere at my mothers and she died recently we then found the book when clearing the house. I just never realised how much there actually was in the account. I have also just noticed at the back of the book it states you are not able to make a withdrawal without this book? You would think that might proove something? Jody
  2. Hi Thanks for your reply, there is £15,000 in the account it was a share save account. Jody
  3. Hi All i need some help! I have an old account from 1987 with funds in the account with Abby which is now Santander. I have recently come across the passbooks and have tried in the bank to claim the money, who advised me to use the website mylostaccount to trace, this had no results so i then wrote a complaint letter enclosing copies of the passbook i have showing the last balance to have funds. I have received a letter back saying they have been unable to trace account and that they are only legally required to hold information on a closed account for a max of 6 years?? And that the passbo
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