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  1. Some interesting comments here but....... different purchases need to be considered differently. My wife has purchased a number of items via Amazon and has been had to return some items. I suspect that some retailers do actually understand that purchasing clothes shoes etc (ladies obviously) is often very subjective and someone may well wish to 'take at look at' 2 different items - may return 1 keep 1 etc Recently my wife ordered a leather belt - advertised as XS (i.e. extra small - 26" to 28") and it measured 31" to the first hole and 40" overall. Also the colour was somewhat different than the photographs (looked gold / brass and is stainless). This is perhaps a mistake or genuine misrepresentation. The goods have been returned (yesterday) and I await the final outcome. As a 'purchaser' I'd perhaps like the seller get a rap on the knuckles and not get a 'bad point' against my wife's account
  2. Yep! They did say "Speak to Wahl" - but I may just have figured that one out eventually. Thanks for comments and support
  3. Thanks for your support. I have just submitted to CISAS as suggested together with all my letters of complaint and 3 identical responses (i.e. we will be back to you in 2 weeks)
  4. Many thanks. I may report this matter further. In practice I have no outstanding issue but none the less appalled about how any organisation can treat its own customers in this manner - and apparently caring so little about their own behaviour. The Virgin 'brand' has always traded so heavily on being so strong and customer focused and, of course, on Sir Richard Branson's, 'impeccable' standards. In this case both the organisation and Sir RB's own office fall way below any acceptable standards.
  5. I am a user of Virgin Media for my Broadband and have been reasonably pleased until ........ I get a problem. Trying to get help / support is just something Virgin just don't envisage having to do I guess! In the summer my broadband was down for approx 6 days. I rang VirginMedia they say there is no problem - we'll have to send an engineer (must be local) Next day Virgin recognise they have or had a problem and cancel the engineer but the problem still exists. Eventually go thru same route an engineer is booked because there is now no local problem. Next day Virgin recognise they have or had a problem and cancel the engineer but the problem still exists "When each call finishes with "is there anything else we can help you with today.." you just feel like exploding!! Eventually the broadband stared to work again! Well I wrote to Virgin. I receive a standard computer generated reply from Karen Ingham - we'll write to you within 2 weeks. Several weeks later I write again - having had no reply whatsover. I also write to Sir Richard B . Just another standard letter from Karen Ingham and nothing from Sir RB's office. Eventually have another problem - I manage to get someone to resolve. I write to Virgin to thank them for the service received (via the UK call centre) and point out again that I have never received any reply to previous complaint. Just another standard letter from Karen Ingham and nothing from Sir RB's office. Last Friday someone range me, and did understand they had received letters, but could not understand why they hadn't replied - will look into. Don't have any outstanding issue but would like Virgin to realise just how painful there support is and how annoying to a customer
  6. Comet continued to do nothing except refer me again to Wahl. I contacted Wahl and they gave me a link / information to print out a postage paid label for return to Wahl. The goods were returned to Wahl and quickly replaced. Job done ! Thanks to Wahl. I realise it was their product but it was Comet who sold me the product. I notice Wahl no longer supplies Comet (as stated by Comet). Points to Wahl 10 v Points to Comet 1
  7. Last Response from Comet. I suspect my argument is that I should have reasonable expectation that a pair of hair clippers , with 3 year manufacterers warranty should survive - at most - 13 very light uses Dear Mr Williams Thank you for your e-mail I note your comments on SOGA please let me clarify. The 6 year protection that you refer to is not a warranty on a product. Under 6 year obligation,customers have up to 6 years to bring issues to court. However it does not mean goods have to last up to 6 years and neither does it mean that we will repair free of charge up to 6 years. This claim is for customer to prove that the product does not conform to contract, which in our terms means there is a manufacturers defect with the product. If a product becomes faulty outside of the guarantee period,the customer must provide proof that the fault was apparent at time of purchase. In closing, please accept my sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused, however I am unable to assist you further in this matter. Yours Sincerely [name removed] On Behalf of the Directors Office
  8. thanks for note. Not really a twitterer - how can I identify details to above?
  9. received the following reply from Comet on 13th September (by email) Dear Mr X Thank you for you e-mail, I was sorry to read that your hair clippers have failed after 13 months of use. As you have advised the manufacturer Wahl have a 3 year guarantee. If you require a repair or replacement after the initial 12 months you will need to return the clippers to the manufacturer. We would be unable to refund you the postage as the product is a low value product and we no longer stock this item. I appreciate this is not the response you anticipated, however I trust this clarifies Comets position on the matter. Yours Sincerely [.. removed name..] On Behaf of the Directors Office ================================================================== This appears to be in complete contradiction of SOGA. This is a low cost item (I have replaced with corded clippers). I'd still like pursue if the process does cost loads of cash! Previous CAG suggests writing to Comet and advising that I will pursue for costs. It seems they have categorically stated that they will do nothing (i.e. replace , repair , pay any costs etc. No longer stock product) Any suggestions?
  10. I accept confusion! Many thanks for your reply and I think you answered my query in appropriate way. Obviously one does not buy hair clippers as if they were a consumable. One would expect clippers to last 3 - 5 years or more and then the rechargeable battery would probably have given up before the clippers themselves. I will see also what bob.clarke (or his office) has to say. My final point however was perhaps a question about the law - i.e. if manufacturers make a product with a 3 year warranty then there should be a 'simple' legal way of having that implemented - otherwise the warranty is all but useless. Perhaps Wahl should consider whether to sell via a retailer who appears somewhat hostile to 'customer service'
  11. Just read a thread detailed here about Samsung TV () can not post link) that has broken down. I have contacted bob.darke at comet.co.uk - as suggested and await a response My situtation is more a matter of principal rather than the cost. I purchased a set of Wahl Hair cordless clippers in July 2011 from Comet @ £17.99. The clippers packed up in August 2012. I am the only user of the clippers and hence have only been used say 13 times in 13 months (my 'lack of hair' puts very little effort on the clippers!). Comet have replied 2 or 3 times with a 'not their problem'. Wahl have said they will honour the warranty but I should package the goods correctly, send recorded delivery etc. (all cost). I have, now purchased a corded set of clippers (£9.99) but would like Comet to meet, (as I understand under SOGA) their responsibilities, and replace these goods. If Comet (or other retailers) refuse to honour a 3 year manufacturer warranty on low cost items then surely the warranty is almost useless
  12. Thanks for the reply - I have looked at a couple of topics on the link you provided. Seems like this is more about the security guard. Non the less the implication is that a security guard should have reasonable belief that you have been 'shop lifting'. It appears to revolve around whether it is reasonable to stop someone on the basis of an alarm going off. In my case - either not me setting off the alarm (mistaken identity) or, as suggested by Sainsbury's a faulty security sticker (these should be neutralised by the scanner). "Several security guards are permitted to forcefully detain someone as long as the belief that this person has committed an indictable offence is “reasonable”. They can detain you inside a store as long as they have reasonable belief that you have committed an offence. Reasonable belief means that a security guard cannot forcefully detain you unless their reasons for doing so are fair for example if you were seen taking something and hiding it somewhere on your person. To simply look suspicious would not be a reasonable belief."
  13. I was looking through some previous posts and saw this one about shop lifting (about 5 years old) (system won't let me post the link so its something like - thread 31398 shoplifting laws ) I had an incident some time ago when I was 'apprehended' at a Sainbury's store. In a nutshell - I purchased some goods (only 3 items I think), headed to the car park and was stopped. I can't find anything about my rights in the UK (in the USA retailers appear to have to have reasonable grounds for suspicion - i.e. witnessed you putting something in your pocket, not paying, etc). I complained to Sainsbury's (received an apology and £25 voucher) but the only explanation I received was that it 'must have been a faulty security tag' - causing the alarm to sound. Does an alarm going off constitute a valid reason for stopping me? I heard an alarm - but no reason to think it had anything to do with me - I carried on. It appeared to me almost a 'random stop'. If challenged - what can I do? If I refuse what can the retailer do? (in this case I wanted to get away - I was in a hurry to meet my wife from work) Am I obliged to keep a receipt? (Sainbury's printers aren't too quick! If I had 2 or 3 items I wouldn't normally wait for a receipt - unless it was item I may wish to return). I nearly always use a debit card (for the points etc) As I state above the matter is over with now, but in the event I ever get stopped again in similar circumstances I would like to understand exactly where I stand.
  14. In addition to QATC Europe Ltd (which appears to be the legal name) they also appear to be linked in some way to:- aquablanc.co.uk sbdirect.biz LeapFrogStore.co.uk Kennedy Investments - is the name of the PayPal account admin@toystoys.biz - is the 'customer service' name associated with the PayPal account (No reply from this email address) I tried taking the issue up with PayPal - they don't appear interested because the dispute relates to the cost of postage.
  15. Just had extraordinary set of circumstances occur. There is a company called Oblue (not a limited company but use the same company name as QATC Europe Ltd). Appears also to be same as a company called Leapfrog - who despatched the goods (though nobody @ Leapfrog had heard of OBlue). A friend had placed orders (pool bits and pieces – filters / pumps etc) with this company in the past with no problem ... but they have no gone over to website only operation and appear to have abandoned customer services. I have placed 2 previous orders for my friend, paid by Paypal, and requested the goods be delivered directly to my friend’s address. No problem so far. I placed another order - late July - which had all the same info. - i.e. my address , the delivery address etc. The order details were confirmed (with bill to and ship to addresses). A few days later the products arrive at my home. I email OBlue - pointing out the mistake - and request they contact me ASAP to resolve. I get a response "We can only dispatch items to the Billing address due to issues that we have had in the past. Sorry for any disappointment. " I send another email stating this isn't my problem and they confirmed the order - another appalling response - "Im afraid that dispatching an item to the billing address is within our terms and conditions that you have agreed to during the sale. If you are not satisfied with you order you could always return the item to us for a refund minus postage on the address below:....". No sign of any such clause or reference in the T&Cs and they took the order (includes on-line forms to complete the billing and ship to addresses) and subsequently confirmed the order by email. Obviously they appear to have no intention to resolve the issue - so I mail the goods to my friend (cost approx £7 2nd class, the original order was £51.90 including P&P) then send a recorded letter to these less than helpful individuals - stating that they are in BREACH of CONTRACT and please send me the postage. Well heard nothing and I figured I was probably wasting my time an effort with people so determined not to provide customer service! Today guess what - I get a letter from them together with an additional filter as a gesture of goodwill!! DO I :- 1. Send this additional filter to my friend, pay the postage and send another letter to OBlue. 2. Just hang onto the filter and hand over next time we see each other (120 miles apart). 3. Just throw it away! (I don’t have a pool). In all honesty they seem to have done a good job in the past but now seem to have abandoned any degree of common sense! Sort of amused and frustrated !!!!!
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