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  1. That what she've send me. Stage Amount Debt £414.23 ---- That was paid before the first visit!!!! 1st Visit £24.50 2nd Visit £18.00 Levy Fee £38.00 Attendance/Enforcement
  2. I've checked three times.Last time today was in my council office.I have £42 credit which I leave for the next year...just in case... How do I know how many times they've been here. I received first leter 6 months ago ,then I paid full amount... week ago another letter ( from the bailiff's office) and today the last one (from Mr X) is that mean that it will be 3 visits?
  3. Thanks.i will do. I was just thinking, why he came today and left this letter without even checkin if anyone is at home??? to charge even more for each visit? I don't wont to find out soon that from £240 it can be £340 and then....etc
  4. hi Few months ago we received a letter from Equita that we own around £500 for unpaid council tax. I paid full amount same day but on the council website. Two weeks later the bailiff came to our flat and because my younger brother was not aware of that he let him in.He called me and I was trying to explain that we paid everything and we don't want pay again. anyway,because we never had anything to do with this situation we decide to pay again to give us some time to sort out this "misunderstanding" Next day we called council to check our balance which was £50 cr and then
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