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  1. Any further thoughts, when I contact Equifinance, going forward. thank you
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has any further advice moving forward.
  3. Hi thank you for your advice. is there a template I can use when going back to them, or could you give me some idea of what to say to them. They did say it was there final response and I have a right to go to the financial ombudsman.
  4. I must of missed this. It is listed on my credit file as a mortgage. I’m not sure what I can do now, as they have said it their final response and offered £850.00
  5. Sorry I wouldn’t deliberately put up a document with personal details, I definitely coloured out the personal details so I don’t know what happened, and when I’m clicking on the link it’s showing personal details as blacked out. i will delete it and reload.
  6. Sorry, acting a bit thick here, do you mean you can’t read the letter
  7. I have received a final response letter back from Equifinance, I have attached it. They have never tried to help me when I fell behind with payments, they just constantly threatened repossession. Im not sure where I go from here now.
  8. so shall I just ignore it and wait until the 8weeks are up next week for my unlawful charges complaint.
  9. Ive attached the pdf. Also I have just checked my credit report, it states that payments are up to date. it also says on the statement Months in arrears 0.00 not sure what's going on. EQUIFINANCE STATEMENT MAY 2020.pdf
  10. Hi, hope everyone is well & safe. After sending my spreadsheet to Equifinance on 23rd March, I received a reply from them on 25th March acknowledging my letter of complaint and that they aim to respond within 8 weeks from that date. Today out of the blue I have received an email letter of statement of arrears from 13/02/20 - 12/05/20, they also state please see below im confused as I haven’t heard from them since 25th March. should I just ignore this? 3/02/2020 29/02/2020 29/02/2020 30/03/2020 30/03/2020 30/04/2020 30/04/2020 Transaction type Fee Postings Interest Charged Interest on Fees Interest Charged Interest on Fees Interest Charged Interest on Fees £15,826.15 Amount £120.00 £43.50 £135.56 £34.72 £140.86 £36.57 £147.32 £16,484.68 0.00 £16,484.68 £14,608.14 £543.74 Payment due Statement Closing Balance: Months in Arrears: Total Payment Shortfall: Total Amount of Charges (in relation to shortfall): Charges for the current period (in relation to shortfall): If your account is two or more months in arrears and you are not adhering to an arrangement to clear arrears you will continue to be charged an arrears management fee each month of £40.00 plus interest. Please be aware that as a result of the existing or historic arrears on your account, there is a risk that due to additional interest and charges being applied, the loan will not be fully repaid at the end of the term. You will still owe any amount that may be outstanding at the end of the term of your loan.
  11. Hi, I’m not sure when the Possession order was made, I managed to borrow some money to pay them, so the possession order was cancelled. I will check for the original agreement in the bundle they sent me when I sent a SAR. They are saying that the agreement ended in August and therefore the total amount of arrears outstanding is £16k. I previously posted all the charges they are saying.
  12. Hi, Im about to send off the mortgages charges reclaim letter, the spread sheet that I am sending with it says at the top Monthly payment of PPI and PPI redress calculation. Is that ok seeing as no claims can be made against PPI anymore.
  13. Thank you for your advice. so do you think I should go ahead and send the reclaim letter and charges at this moment with the current covid19 or wait? sorry if it’s a dumb question.
  14. Im in the process of sending the reclaim letter, and was thinking because of all what’s going on with the corona virus, was it the right time. Then I have just received an email from Equifinance saying that they have not received my response to their letters, when will they hear from us. I really can’t believe them, with all what’s going on, my husband is currently not able to work because of the situation and the government advising these people to be lenient in these extreme circumstances, and Equifinance are on my back.
  15. Hi Ive attached the Stat Sheet StatIntSheet v101:Equifinance.xls
  16. I have now completed the spreadsheet, and the total is £18,100. what is the next step? Thank you
  17. The entry Fees Postings’ vary from £25.00 to £450.00, so strange, I am including them along with the Interest on Fees
  18. Yes it says interest on fees and it also has entires of posting fees, not sure what these fees are.
  19. hi just a quick question, I'm completing the spreadsheet, I've included late payment fees, arrears management fees etc, should I also include the dates of interest charged by them eg 05/10/2013 interest charged £233.29 & interest on fees? sorry for the question but I want to get it right.
  20. Thank you, I am getting on to this day, haven’t been well so only been able to start this. I will let you know when it’s finished.
  21. Ive attached the letter thank you Equifinance letter:Consumer action.pdf
  22. Thank you. i have just received a letter from Equifinance. Stating the fact that they cancelled the Bailiffs Appointment on 05/02/20 following the payment of £3000. They continue that as a redemption didn’t take place on 14/02/20, can I advise of my intentions moving forward regarding the remaining balance. They also state that if a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached within a reasonable timeframe, they will apply for a further bailiff appointment for repossession. They end with for the avoidance of doubt, we will not be able to cancel any further repossession action, if we are compelled to go back to court again for this. Obviously I do t want this to happen so can anyone advise as to what I send in reply. thank you
  23. Hi can someone advise as to the next steps now I have received all the paperwork back from Equifinance? Thank you
  24. Hi, I have today received a huge box from Equifinance full of paperwork in response to the SAR. can someone advise as to where I start, it’s quite mind boggling. Thank you
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