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  1. If the police made there view of what they want to do...eg. dont sue, cover letter with your CRB. what pressure would you need to put onto them to change there mind? MP? Solicitor?
  2. Apologies for the belated reply. Let me clear some things up My Friend was not Charged, the CRB states they were arrested. There was no chance of being drunk and not remembering, all of this happened within the evening of the pub, there was no going back to someones house, it was all contained, with witnesses and alabi's. My Friend has contacted the Police, they have said because the accuser has mental problems it would be a waste of my to sue they said they can supply a cover letter for the CRB but the charge will remain........My Friend made contact with them without legal backing, im assuming with a solicitor he would have more sway. Is there free legal advice available? I have been told that there may be a claim for breech of human rights. Any views would be welcome. Thanks
  3. Hello people. I read a post on this site and it seems that the community here may have some advice for me. An associate of mine who works In schools and has 1to1 unrestricted access to children has encountered a serious problem that he needs help with. Obviously his Job requires a CRB check which up until recently was clean.... Unfortunately and for no apparent reason, someone unknown to him rang the police and accused him of Rape... My Friend was in a pub the whole time with a tonne of witnesses, CCTV footage, alabies the lot. But unfortunately the police chucked him in the slammer for 24 hours...only later to realise that the claim was completely bogus and the statement made no sense whatsoever. A month down the line the Police have dropped the case due to evidence, it didnt even make it too court... but the charge for rape is still on the CRB. Dispite being cleared the schools he worked in had to let him go and his career is totally destoryed, despite the fact he is cleared, the case is dropped as is 100% innocent. What is the best course of action to take... is there a claim against the person who lied to the police and most importantly CAN YOU CLEAR A FALSE ALLEGATION FROM YOUR CRB? I have heard that the police HAVE to press for wasting police time for the CRB to be clean...i dont know how much truth is in that. Please if you have any advice or can relate to this situation...your views will be invaluable. Thanks
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