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  1. Hi I had to make an offer as they did the same thing to me and clamped a flat mates car. I have just learned I didn't owe anything either I will watch closely to see how you get on. I imagine my chance of getting a refund is pretty slim! I gather Rossendales are having a rough time of late so hopefully another cagger can give you some help. Good luck, they are being so mean for such a piffling little debt!
  2. My friend also used to grow lots of fruit and veg in containers on a tiny balcony. We don't have any outside space at home at all. (Not even allowed to install a window box in case it falls off!!) You could go for some vertical planting up the fence maybe?
  3. I've had no scope for growing my own food beyond what will flourish on a window sill for a long time. I got onto the council waiting list for a Plot with the foreboding warning it might take as long as 15 years to get to the top! As it turned out it was less than 2 in the end. Annual charges are under 30 quid - I can spend that much in one visit to the Co-op without much trouble! I have forked out (pardon the pun) for some tools and a second (could be 3rd/4th/5th!) hand shed and splashed out on seeds and magazines (if they have free seeds!) I've also been very lucky with family and other plot holders giving me seedlings and tools to get me started. I have been digging away for a few hours at the weekend since taking it on in January - and I have an enviable supply of organic fruit and veg at my disposal. Not to mention feeling smug at making food appear out of the ground instead of out of a plastic packet, I am also smug when cooking because it tastes better too. Another bonus - it's excellent exercise and a great way to make new friends who want to pass on all their tips - If you are still paying for a gym membership you don't make good use of = STOP, get a PLOT! Apply via your local authority website, get on the waiting list and be sure to remind them you are very keen every so often, or see if you can share with someone and get there sooner. Do it today! Worth checking out Landshare.net if the waiting list is too long to bear
  4. Looks like I was too slow to check back in again and the video has once more been removed - anyone still have a working link? (I would PM debt4get but I'm just one post short of PM-worthiness!)
  5. Wow, that was a speedy response, thanks! You totally summed up my reservations - I think I may just have to grin and bear it, bit of a motivation-killer though! Maybe we'll get a chance to chat openly at the Xmas party, until then I better bite my tongue. Thanks again!
  6. I am seeking some advice on inequitable rates of pay at my place of work. I had to do several vocational qualifications for the post. The first of which was compulsory and a wage increase was payable on qualification. I obtained this pay rise after passing the exam in 2009, and have gone on to do 2 additional certificates, each with a small pay increment applied. It has recently come to light that a colleague, who joined the company a few weeks before me and who failed the first exam was given an equivalent pay rise regardless, and on passing on her second attempt she has received a further raise and is now earning more than me! It appears that I have been penalized for studying and getting it right the first time. My predicament is how to confirm the facts as this is based on 3rd party information (from another colleague) and, if it is confirmed, how to then approach my employer and plead the case for an equivalent raise. Anyone out there with similar experience or advice to offer? Thanks!
  7. Hi am I the only one having problems watching this video? I get a message saying "This video is private" and nothing happens
  8. Just thought I'd stop by and summarise the situation - WCF claimed eventually it (the sum for Gardex treatment) had been added in error and was later deducted, they produced a list of numbers which appeared to illustrate this but which I never received at the time - quite possibly, a retrospectively manufactured statement. (And there is still a discrepancy of about 100 quid) They are simply impossible to deal with - I have one more year of payments and another MOT to scrape through, then I'll wash my hands of them for good. Planning to save up and bid for a VW on ebay! Thanks to all of you who contributed to this thread
  9. lol cheers JJ - I took that bit out of the latest letter, but after calling them yesterday and said monkey's rude phone manner made me want to put it back in - she just says 'hello' really impatiently - I always have to ask if it's WCF as it sounds like I've called someone's house in the middle of the night...will update you when (if) I get the paperwork
  10. Hi again - latest installment on my GARDX dispute with WCF - I sent off a formal complaint (edited highlights of my initial epic blurb on here!) and have just had a response; my complaint is upheld as they can see I was charged for Gardx although the car was never treated with it. This was apparently due to an administration error. They say it was refunded in May 2009 (agreement taken out January 2009) although I've never seen any proof of either a charge or a refund! This is going to be posted out (believe it when I see it!) All this only came about because they offered me the chance to settle my finance and insurances separately, then said I couldn't settle the insurance because I've got Gardx...now they're saying I still can't settle my insurance early because I didn't take out all of them, only the shortfall insurance. I want to escalate the complaint to the FOS but will hold off until they send out the paperwork, which should show a 299 refund - although I would have been charged interest on that too so that might explain the difference between the original sum owed and the amount they are now asking for. The car itself is still working - just, I took it to a manufacturer's service garage and was told that it will never be 100% - it's just a lemon, a very very expensive lemon! grrrrr...
  11. Just wanted to let you all know the refind cheque finally turned up last week - a staggering 6 months after the initial double charge. The lesson? Don't park at the Apcoa car-park at Paddington unless you have the right change! Thanks again to all of you that helped me bring this to a conclusion, without your generous advice I might have given up.
  12. Hmmm - still waiting for the refund to materialise - and network rail got back to me saying it was nothing to do with them...grrrr
  13. Oh thanks again Pipsqueaker! It's 10 days since they sent the above message and as yet nothing has turned up - time to give them both another gentle nudge I think!
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