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  1. Yes we have Andy but I'm just being sure I am doing the correct thing - therefore should I get in touch with hoists solicitor direct and negotiate
  2. Hiya I have been advised by the national debt line to get a solicitor could I not negotiate with hoist,s solicitor to resolve it with a Tomlin order xx
  3. Ive had a read of this thread - thanks, I will contact the solicitor and request a Tomlin Order, in your opinion will I have to repay the full amount - thanks
  4. Will a Tomlin order be the best way forward in this case Andy I've never hear of one before, what dose it entail??
  5. Hiya We have just received a letter from Hoist saying the following "We acknowledge receipt of your Defence dated 22 Feb 2015. We note your allegation that you have not made a payment within six years and you reference s.5 of the limitation act 1980 which for the avoidance of doubt dictations:- An action founded on simple contract shall not be brought after the expiration of six years from the date on which the cause of action accrued. however we must advise that the last payment received on your account was £264.05 on the 27th April 2009, within the past six years and the debt claimed in these proceedings is therefore not statute barred. Therefore, we now formally invite you to withdraw your Defence in writing and furnish us with your proposals to discharge the sums owing in this matter. We reserve the right to exhibit this correspondence to the Court should you fail to withdraw your Defence." How should I reply please ????
  6. Thanks for putting no my mind at easy I suppose what ever happens will be - it's good to have advise tho cheers
  7. Hiya I sent in the N181 recorded delivery to the court where you have to sign at the other end they said they never received it but I had the proof - so I uploaded another copy to Northampton then today we have received a N271 notice of transfer of proceedings for allocation what does this mean now?
  8. Sorry to be a big pain but do we send a copy of the N181 to the claimant as well as the court? xxx
  9. Hiya Andy Sorry to bother you but what reason should I put in D2 on the N181 "That I beleive the case to be statute barred, thanks also do I need to write to Howard Cohen asking for evidence of payment or any contact that I may have with them - thanks every so much
  10. Thanks going to tackle it today fingers crossed - thanks ever so much for your support Hiya Andyy sorry to bother you but what reason should I put in D2 that I beleive the case to be Statute barred thanks Also do I need to write to Howard Cohen asking for evidence of payment or contact from us, thanks
  11. How do I reply please xx I am looking at EX305 which explains about the fast track process and it looks daunting xx
  12. I have had a look on my Noodle report and the debt isnt listed!! unless I,m not looking in the right place but i've done a search Thanks:!:
  13. Yes I did say that it was status barred. Your right I can't access my file!!! Thanks is it bad new do you think Regards molley
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