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  1. This is very interesting, prior to discovering pay plan I was very close to signing up with a company who offered poor advice in retrospect. They were going to charge me £60 per month for the privilege as well. I think one of the issues is that by the time we look for help we are usually at desperation stage although pride has a lot to answer for in my case, it was a lot easier to listen to the soft sales patter and pandering from the paid for service than to listen to the harsh realities offered by pay plan.....
  2. Sorry, I meant that we renewed our tax credits in July - we went into the DMP when I found myself with the happy surprise of expecting our 3rd child - the boys being 12 and 8 she wasn't really expected x.
  3. Hi all, I have found myself in a difficult situation and hope someone can help - preferably without judging! A little over a year ago my hubby and I entered a DMP having accrued unsecured debts totalling £45000 when my husband became seriously unwell. Things have been going really well and we have now paid off almost £8000. However things have become a bit sticky! In August we renewed our tax credits and our income increased by about £300 per month, we owed £1000 to my mother in law that I could never have put through DMP - she would never have spoken to us again knowing we were in this debt. So I made the decision not to increase my DMP payments and to pay her off instead which I have now done. Then this month my car has completely broken down which we rely on for my work as well as to ferry about my disabled son ( who does get DLA care but not mobility as he is physically able) he has autism and we sometimes need to leave a situation quickly and would not be able to go on the bus with him in meltdown, my other son also has a sensory disorder and we need the car! Anyway, I contacted pay plan who have advised we could get a car on HP and then adjust our payments to our creditors accordingly. Clearly this would be wrong as we know we have enough surplus income to pay HP on a newer car without adjusting our payments but I am scared if I do take HP without informing pay plan and our circumstances change for the worse it could cause us problems. Can anyone please advise me as to how to deal with this - also does anyone know if we could get HP from a main dealer, obviously I want to minimise the number of crept checks on file whilst looking for a car - car craft have approved us but I have seen terrible reviews and the car needs to be mechanically sound as I cannot afford repairs, some of our surplus over the last few months has been swallowed in expensive car repairs which have been a waste as one thing after another goes wrong. Please reply as soon as possible, I feel very stressed by all of this. Thank you!
  4. Hi All, I am looking for help and advice. On December 20th we needed to buy a car suitable for us, our 2 autistic sons and new born baby. I found a car on autotrader, followed a link to a reputable garage and asked my hubby to go and view a Y reg Fiat Multipla. We'd not have much cash, had just bought a complete banger vw sharan off ebay and not been able to trace the seller (he had closed his account) and really needed a car desperately, we are completely reliant to transport the boys around and they do not receive Mobility. We paid 1400 for the car which is around the going rate. Anyway, my hubby went and viewed the car with a friend and decided it seemed good, the guy at the garage said he would put it through his workshop to do a service on the car and provide a 3 month warranty. The friend noticed the rear head rests were missing but the dealer said no problem he would get us a set after Christmas. As the website was a reputable second hand dealer hubby paid for the car and collected it on December 23rd. Initially it seemed okay, there were a few niggles but nothing I would not expect from a Y reg car - eg wobbly wing mirror! A few days later I noticed the October MOT had a 'missing' advisory notice - I checked online and saw an extensive list - corroding back brake pipes, excessive play on the track rod end etc. At this point though we assumed the work had been done - it seemed fine. However, a week after getting the car we started to notice problems, the 2 front tyres needed replacing this cost us £120 as they were excessively worn plus tracking taking the cost to £150. We thought it was a bit much but decided it was our fault for not checking properly so paid. Over the following days the steering became very light, it was hard to drive in a straight line so hubby drove it to a local garage, the garage was closed so he came back but on the way the car 'stuck' in 2nd gear. By this point I had e-mailed the 'reputable' dealer who said I did not buy the car from them it was the dealer across the road and they had changed sites - the message was forwarded to the alleged 'real' seller! Several frustrated hours later I called the guy and left an answer phone message saying I thought he would have been back in touch and could he call me urgently. He did call me but just shouted at me carrying on about the headrests and that he would not get them for me now. I told him I was hanging up and getting advice. I phoned trading standards up who said they would investigate the issues around who sold the car but that I should continue trying to sort things out with the dealer. I had the car removed by the breakdown company to the local garage who were open - the dealer was outside the allotted recovery area. I advised the dealer of this as he had told me to contact breakdown company and get them to tell me what was wrong. The car needed a full gearbox rebuild and gear selector cables, from the moment I told the dealer this he has not answered the phone or any emails. Trading Standards said I should write to the reputable dealer but they have moved since and they say they did not sell us the car. After 2 weeks I desperately needed the car and paid for the work - just over £500. The mechanic said there was a bolt missing from the steering rack which he replaced and the steering is no longer light. Since the repairs more seems to be going wrong on a daily basis - the car bangs on turning (track rod end? wishbone?) there is a loud squealing noise from the rear drivers side wheel and there is a knocking sound, the onboard computer says the oil level is too high - even though we haven't put oil in it as it had allegedly had a service. I know it is now too late to reject the car but what else can I do - I e-mailed the dealer a couple of weeks ago asking for that if he would help we would take tthe car to be inspected and saying we would take the £650 hit if he got the other repairs done - no reply, he no longer answers his mobile to any number - I have tried off other peoples mobiles. The big issue is I cannot afford to be without a car - my son goes to a special school and can't travel on their transport due to sensory issues - can anyone help???
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