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  1. This is very interesting, prior to discovering pay plan I was very close to signing up with a company who offered poor advice in retrospect. They were going to charge me £60 per month for the privilege as well. I think one of the issues is that by the time we look for help we are usually at desperation stage although pride has a lot to answer for in my case, it was a lot easier to listen to the soft sales patter and pandering from the paid for service than to listen to the harsh realities offered by pay plan.....
  2. Sorry, I meant that we renewed our tax credits in July - we went into the DMP when I found myself with the happy surprise of expecting our 3rd child - the boys being 12 and 8 she wasn't really expected x.
  3. Hi all, I have found myself in a difficult situation and hope someone can help - preferably without judging! A little over a year ago my hubby and I entered a DMP having accrued unsecured debts totalling £45000 when my husband became seriously unwell. Things have been going really well and we have now paid off almost £8000. However things have become a bit sticky! In August we renewed our tax credits and our income increased by about £300 per month, we owed £1000 to my mother in law that I could never have put through DMP - she would never have spoken to us again knowing we were i
  4. Hi All, I am looking for help and advice. On December 20th we needed to buy a car suitable for us, our 2 autistic sons and new born baby. I found a car on autotrader, followed a link to a reputable garage and asked my hubby to go and view a Y reg Fiat Multipla. We'd not have much cash, had just bought a complete banger vw sharan off ebay and not been able to trace the seller (he had closed his account) and really needed a car desperately, we are completely reliant to transport the boys around and they do not receive Mobility. We paid 1400 for the car which is around the going rate.
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