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  1. That's not the worry. The worry is they say, sorry, not enough, give us more. I say I cant, then they say, well you had access to 10K which you've not used as all creditors didn't accept, so one of the creditors then decides to go for a CCJ to see what they can get.
  2. Is it worth rocking the boat though by getting in touch with them? My credit file is clean. No creditors, just a current account and my mortgage. All CCJ's gone. Is it worth the hassle of potentially another 6 years with CCJ's, when the whole plan will be cleared at the end of 2017? Im paying a large mortgage, as I havnt been able to remortgage since being in the DMP, and so I don't want to do anything that would spoil the chances of me being able to remortgage sooner rather than later.
  3. I took the CCA's to the CAB. They said they all had the prescribed terms. Barclays was a composite agreement? but they thought that it was still enforceable. I don't really want to reduce the payment, as if I do, it will only take longer to pay off; hence the full and final settlement consideration. Is it something they are likely to do? Barclays took a 50% settlement a few years ago when I got a PPI reclaim for them. Will they do the same for Egg? Is a judge likely to award a CCJ after so much time when they have been happy to get paid through the DMP for so long? It
  4. Hi Yes, all CCA'd. All are enforceable. Ive claimed all my PPI/Interest charges (which is how its gone down so much from what it was) I owe them the money, im wanting to pay them as much of it back as I can. But am worried about the effect on my now clean credit file if they decide to try and get CCJ's. My question is, can they do this after 7 years has passed and there is no record on my credit file?
  5. Hi I have been in a debt management plan for just over 7 years. I am currently paying £450 a month to Stepchange. I originally owed £75,000 and am now down to just under £20,000. I may be able to get hold of £10,000 to make full and final settlements to my creditors. These are Barclaycard (Egg), NCO (AMEX), RBS, RBS again (Mint) and Cahoot. All of these defaulted more than 6 years ago, so I have a clean credit file. I am worried about offering a full and final settlement as I am concerned that as none of these creditors got a CCJ in the past, tha
  6. I had an energy contract with Scottish Power and have transferred to EDF. The transfer took 6 months because of IGT issues. Finally moved over on 24th September to EDF. Scottish Power sent me my final bill at beginning of October, and I paid it. They've now sent me another bill, with estimated figures on it showing that I owe then another £100. I spoke to Scottish Power and they said first of all that I had called and given them new meter readings. After much discussion, they agreed that it wasn't me. They claim that they were provided with closing/opening readings by
  7. Well, the saga continues. The Information Commissioner has ruled that Natwest hasnt complied with my subject access request (in November) and suggested to them that within 28 days they provide a full response. It is now 9th February and still nothing from them, despite many letters, phone calls and emails. I am about to file a claim in the small claims court demanding that they perform a complete disclosure. I would like some advice on the terms Natwest uses if possible as well as information on what I can (and can not ask for) I want a complete listing of information they hold about
  8. In July 2006, I defaulted on a number of debits. One of them was for a visa card with Shell. This was sold on to Arrow Global and in September 2008, Arrow got a CCJ for the £3523 outstanding. I have been paying the shell/arrow at £14.37 a month since 2006. There is still £2790.77 left to pay. I have tried to make a settlement offer to Arrow of £839.55 which is there amount, pro-rater from a lump sum I have received, but they have turned me down saying they can only offer me a 50% discount. All other defaults have been removed from my credit file, but this CCJ will stay until Sep
  9. No. I always had a balance on it. The application form shows a balance transfer request on it so it would have had a balance on it from day 1.
  10. In a long running saga with Natwest, I applied for a PPI refund over a year ago. I have the original application form that shows PPI was on the credit card application form. Natwest wrote back to ask for statements to show it was paid. I obviously don't have any (the card was opened in 2000). I did an SAR to Natwest for all info, and they sent just copies of statements but took nearly 60 days to respond. I went back to them, asking them to provide all information Id originally asked for. They said they had, but later 'found' a few more statements, and s
  11. Quick update. After phoning Barclays head office 3 times a day for a week, and insisting to be put through to Bob Diamond I was eventually transferred to their "Executive" team. 24 hours later, just under £5000 was paid into my account. I keep saying this, but thank you again to everyone that keeps offering me advice. Some times you think "is it worth it", but with some persistance, it definatly is!
  12. After successfully reclaiming PPI on my Barclays credit card, I have now started to try and do the same thing on a Barclayloan Select. This time, I have much more evidence. I have a years worth of statements, and the original insurance document. After sending this information to Barclays, they wrote back to me telling me that they had no record of me having PPI on the account and so would not uphold my claim, unless I could send them any further information. I wrote back to them, telling them that I sent them the statements and the policy with my first letter and enclosed a furt
  13. Hi I have a credit card with Natwest that I have tried to claim PPI refund for. I took the card out in 1997. They have provided me a copy of the application form under a s78(1) which shows that the account included "credit card repayment protection" I belive I cancelled the PPI in 2001. Natwest have said that they have no record of me making any PPI payments and so have denied my clain. I have no evidence to say I did either, other than knowing I cancelled PPI on all accounts in 2001 when I was made redundant as I was a contractor and no-one paid out. I SAR'd Natwest, who h
  14. Hi Yes, done a SAR to all of the creditors. Only one left is Natwest, who have been very unhelpful. Sent SAR in September, still no response. Reported to informsion comissioner. Ive gone as far as I can go with regard to reclaims. What I would like to do now is work out what the best thing to do with the 7K is in regard to the debt.
  15. Hi I have a significant amount of debt (just under 70K) that I have been paying off via a DMP through the CCCS. Since I started paying it off, ive paid just under 22K (over 5 years) With the help of this forum, I am just about to recieve nearly 17K in PPI back from Barclaycard - one of my larger creditors. Unfortunately, Barclaycard will be using most of this to settle my accounts with them and so will only be actually returning 7K back to me. What I would like to do is use this 7K wisely to make offers to my creditors to see if I can get any more of this debt written off. Im no
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