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  1. Afternoon all. A quick heads up for any of our customers still waiting for their Warm Home Discount payment for 2017/18. Although most of these have now been paid, there are still a few payments left to make. These will all be paid by the end of this month. Although the 2017/18 scheme has closed, customers can register an interest in the 2018/19 scheme. This can be done online through our website or over the phone. Hope this is useful. Malc Malc
  2. You're welcome LarissaJ. Happy to help. The deemed contract won't, though, have been cancelled. It will cover the time between when you became responsible for the property and Ovo taking over the supply. Even if there wasn't any usage, there will still have been daily standing charges. One thing to be aware of, if there wasn't any usage for the duration of the account, it might be possible to remove the daily standing charges. It depends on the circumstances. The moment energy is used or a contract is accepted either verbally or online, standing charges need to be paid. They'll be removed if a customer is on our standard tariff and hasn't formally accepted a contract and where no energy has been used since responsibility was taken on. This seems to be the situation you're describing. As earlier, I'd recommend talking to our Home Moves team. Any meter readings from the time would help here. Hope this helps LarissaJ. Malc
  3. Hello eastlad1987 and sorry for the late reply. Only just spotted your post. Have we actually assigned this debt to a DCA? If we have, a payment arrangement can now only be set up with the DCA concerned. We can take payment in full but, given your posts, this doesn't seem possible. Sorry I can't offer anything more positive on this particular point but there might be other ways we can help. Talk to us about the E.ON Energy Fund. This has been set up to help vulnerable customers with current or final E.ON energy bill arrears. There's more information about this on our website at the following link including how to apply and what you need to be eligible. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/need-little-extra-help/energy-fund Going forward, are you still our customer? If you are, you might be eligible to receive Warm Home Discount. This is a payment of £140 towards winter bills. The 2017/18 scheme is now closed but this could be useful for 2018/19. Again, there are more details on our website including a page to register an interest. Please see below. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/need-little-extra-help/warm-home-discount On the same page there are details of help with energy saving stuff like loft and cavity wall insulation. This is through the Energy Company Obligation (ECO). Not of immediate help, I know, but might be useful for the future. Have you thought about prepayment meters? These let you buy energy in advance from various retail outlets. They also let us put any outstanding debt on the meter to collect at an agreed weekly rate. Prices for prepayment tariffs will, though, be higher than most of our fixed deals and there won't be lower daily standing charges for paying with a Monthly Direct Debit Hope this gives you a few pointers to help deal with your E.ON debt eastlad1987. Malc
  4. Hello dx and hope you're well. Have you been trying to contact us recently? I haven't had a notification from CAG for quite a time. Don't know if there's a problem with private messages? Malc
  5. Hello LarissaJ and sorry for the late reply. Only just spotted your post. I have to say, I’m guessing a lot here but it sounds like we already supplied the property when you took over responsibility on completion. I also suspect the previous owner told us of the change of responsibility so their account could be closed. This automatically leads to another account being set up to cover the usage going forward. As the existing supplier, you would’ve become our customer as soon as energy was used under what’s known as a deemed contract. These are used throughout the energy industry to take away the need to disconnect supplies when responsibility for properties changes. Makes it easier for those moving in. Did you then contact Ovo to take over the supply? Did you contact us at any time to let us know you were now responsible for the property? Changes of supply go through in about two and a half weeks so, I suspect, the amount we’re asking for is to cover the period between you taking over ownership and the change of supply going through. If this is the case, we’ll have issued a final bill showing the start and end dates as well as the meter readings used. If you believe these are wrong, I’d suggest talking to our Home Moves specialists (contact details are on our website). Let them see the Change of Ownership document (they only need to see the relevant dates and not anything personal) to establish the date you became responsible for the property. Do you have meter readings for when you took over responsibility and for when Ovo took over? If you do and these are different from what’s been used, again, our Home Moves team will be able to use these to rebill the final bill accurately. Sorry if my speculation is off track LarissaJ and for all the questions but hope this helps point you in the right direction. Malc
  6. Hello morgan8080 and sounds like we've applied for a warrant to fit prepayment meters after the payment arrangements failed. This is our preferred option rather than disconnecting supplies. Applying for warrants is, though, a last resort as we would much prefer to sort these issues out without Court action. At this point, accounts are ring-fenced and will only be dealt with by our Warrants team. They won't give you a set date in advance of a visit as experience has shown certain customers take obstructive actions to prevent Court Orders being carried out. Not saying this applies to you, it's just something we've faced over the years. Prepayment meters will stop further debt building up on the account and allow the existing debt to be repaid through the meter at an agreed weekly rate. These repayment rates are usually much lower than those available through our credit arrangements. Unclebulgaria67 is right, once the prepayment meters are in and provided the debt is less than £500 per fuel, you can switch to another supplier. This is through an industry wide process known as the Debt Assignment Protocol. Here, the remaining debt will be transferred to the new supplier. If this is the case, please ask your preferred supplier to start the process. I'm sorry you found our advisor rude and hope this explains a bit more about these situations. Malc
  7. Hello Laura and sorry for the late reply. Not been in the office recently. Sorry, too, you haven't had a response to your request for an SAR. I know we're working through a backlog at the moment but this is now well beyond what I would've expected. Don't give us any more time. Drop us a line and we'll see what's going on. Try our online Live Chat service. Advisors are available from 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and between 8am and 6pm Saturdays. Might save the hassle of waiting on the phone as our lines are very busy at the moment. Please ignore this if you've already been in touch. Malc
  8. That's great Heckler. Hope all goes well with your application. We might be able to help with your cavity wall insulation too. Have you heard about the Energy Company Obligation (ECO)? This is another Government led scheme to help people who qualify with energy saving stuff like cavity wall and loft insulation. There are more details including an application form on our website at this link. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/need-little-extra-help/home-improvements Hope this is of help Heckler. Malc
  9. Morning Heckler and the best way to apply for Warm Home Discount under the Broader Group is online through our website. Here's a link. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/need-little-extra-help/warm-home-discount/warm-home-discount-form The quicker you apply, the better as we handle these applications on a first come, first served basis. Once we receive a certain number of Broader Group applications, we'll close our scheme for new applicants. In previous years, this was in November/December. Not saying this will be the same for the 2017/18 scheme. It's just something to be aware of. If, though, you qualify under the Core Group, you'll receive the payment automatically and don't need to apply. Core Group customers are identified by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). If you're in this group, the DWP will contact you directly between September 17 and November 17 to let you know. Whoever supplied your electricity on the qualifying date of 9 July 17 will sort out the payment. Hope this helps Heckler. Let me know if you need any more information as happy to help. Malc
  10. Hello David and just spotted this about the E.ON Energy Fund. Thought it might help if I give you a link to our website with more information about the fund including an application form. https://www.eonenergyfund.com/ The Fund has been set up to help customers of any energy company who are struggling to pay their bills. It can help pay current or final energy bill arrears as well as helping to buy replacement white goods like cookers, fridges or freezers. Helps available, too, to repair or replace gas boilers. Hope this helps and all the best with your application. Malc
  11. Morning all and, as promised, a quick update about our Warm Home Discount scheme for 2017/18. We've started making payments to customers eligible under the 2017/18 scheme and aim to have them all done by 31 March 18 at the latest. Many, though, will be done well before this time. Hope this is of interest. Malc
  12. Hello Patch7 and sorry we weren't able to sort this for you. Not sure what's happening with the Energy Ombudsman. I've not come across a case like this before where they've not been able to find our complaint file. When complaints reach deadlock, we send the customer a Final Resolution Offer letter detailing our final position? This is useful, although not essential where complaints are over 56 days old, when going to the Energy Ombudsman. Once you contact them, they'll give you a reference number and ask us for your case notes. What I don't understand is why they've told you they don't have your file and left it at that. Even if they don't have the file, we'll be happy to re-send it so they can start their investigation. I'd suggest contacting them again and quoting the number they would've originally issued when you spoke to them previously. You don't need to tell us you're referring this to the Ombudsman. As above, they need to contact us for your case notes. Once they've investigated, they'll report back to both you and us. Whilst their findings are binding on us, they're not on you leaving you free to seek further advice and assistance if necessary.With any complaint that's reached deadlock, if we haven't heard from the Ombudsman after 21 days of the Final Resolution Offer (deadlock) letter, the complaint will be closed and any relevant debt follow up will start. Customers have 12 months from the date of the deadlock letter to go to the Ombudsman. As soon as they do, the Ombudsman will contact us as above. At this point, if previously closed, the complaint will be re-opened and debt follow up will be suspended until they complete their investigation. As I say, I've not come across this situation before so sorry if I've missed something. Not saying this sort of thing hasn't happened just that I've not personally seen it. Malc
  13. Hello Laura and it sounds as though your daughter is going through a terrible time. I hope things start to improve for her sooner rather than later. From what you say, it looks like there's a definite possibility the meter has been tampered with and energy theft has taken place. The SAR will shed more light on this. It's good the Police are involved as they might be able to give our Revenue Protection team some good insights into what has happened at the property. I totally understand your frustration that help isn't available through the E.ON Energy Fund. Part of what this fund does is to help pay current or final energy bill arrears for those who qualify. If energy theft has taken place, it might be difficult to distinguish between genuine arrears and what part of the balance is down to theft. I'm not saying this has influenced the decision not to allow your daughter's claim as I'm speculating and don't know. Again, the SAR will shed more light on this. Once this has been sorted out and meter tampering has either been confirmed or ruled out, I'd encourage your daughter to apply again. Previous applicants can reapply after 3 months if the circumstances change. If energy theft is confirmed, a Police report would be very helpful in establishing this and will help with your daughter's application. Sorry if my speculation isn't accurate Laura and really hope your daughter starts to see better times. Malc
  14. Many thanks BazzaS. You're right, my intention was to guide the OP to the best people to talk to with respect to their particular issue. Also, if unhappy with what they say, where to go next. Thanks again for your input BazzaS. Malc
  15. No worries ivorbiggun. Understand your frustration. BazzaS is right. My intention was to point you towards the people here best placed to look into this for your uncle. The £266 you mention is the cost of raising the warrant. Bring this up with the Warrants Team too. Malc
  16. Hello daley1 and glad you're able to talk to us more freely on your Father's behalf. This all sounds very odd. We don't let accounts stay in this sort of debt for 14 years. What explanation have we given? Prepayment accounts have already been paid through topping up the meters. I suspect these accounts will be statements detailing the cost of the energy used and payments made rather than outstanding amounts. Have we given you a detailed bill for the outstanding balance we're chasing showing meter readings, payments made and prices charged? Is the £9.6k+ what we're looking for or is it a total of the prepayment and credit accounts? Have you spoken to our Legal Team? As I posted earlier, now the account has reached this level, these are the best people at E.ON to speak to. Make sure a complaint is raised. This will stop further debt follow up whilst the case is investigated. There are more details on our website about how we look after complaints. Sorry for all the questions daley1 but what you've said is unusual. Malc
  17. Hello Laura and sorry for the late reply. Probably too late now but the address to send SAR requests is as follows: E.ON Energy Solutions Trinity House 2 Burton Street Nottingham NG1 4BX. Don't worry if you've sent the request to another address. It'll be forwarded to the above. From what you've said, it sounds as though Western Power Distribution reported possible tampering with the meter at your relative's home. At this point, our Revenue Protection team will have taken over. They deal exclusively with allegations of energy theft and follow guidelines given us by the industry regulator. What usually happens in these cases is this team will investigate the allegation and, if valid, arrange for the meter to be replaced. Often with a prepayment meter. From your posts, it sounds as though this might have happened here. Are the meters outside or would we have needed to go in to the property? Also, based on the information we have, we'll have estimated how much energy we think was used but not recorded by the meter due to the tampering. This could be the £679.44. I'm guessing a lot here but, as Revenue Protection are involved, your relative's account will have been ring-fenced and for the time being will only be dealt with by these advisors. The SAR will be able to show more of the detail about why we were alerted to possible meter tampering and what the subsequent investigation discovered. Sorry again for the late reply and if my speculation is off track. Malc
  18. Hello ivorbiggun and guessing but it sounds as though the payment was received too late to stop the action. How did your uncle clear the outstanding balance? Did he pay through our Warrants team? This is a specialist section who deal with all things related to Warrants. It takes a long time to reach the warrant stage and before then many attempts are made to contact the account holder to try to sort out payment for the energy used. This includes letters, phone calls, texts, emails and home visits by our representatives. Where these attempts fail, we'll often look to the Courts as a last resort. At this point, accounts are ring-fenced and will only be dealt with by our Warrants team. We'll have written to your uncle to let him know what we were doing and then again once the Court had given us a date and time for the hearing. Going forward, this specialist team are still the ones to talk to about what we can do for your uncle. This will be where your uncle's complaint is. I'd ask him to talk to these advisors (contact details will be on the letters we sent) for an explanation of what happened and why his payment didn't stop the action. If he's not satisfied with what they tell him, he can refer the matter to the Energy Ombudsman for an independent review. There are more details about how we look after complaints on our website. I agree with unclebulgaria. Ask about debt on the meter. Any invalid debt can soon be removed by sending an electronic message to the meter. Anything paid that shouldn't have been will be refunded. Again, our warrants team will be able to let him know. Hope this helps point you and your uncle in the right direction. Malc
  19. Hello thomass1949. You don't need to log in to your account to make an online payment. You can do this at the link below. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/your-account/make-payment Have to say, it's odd that you can't make a payment through your old online account. Usually, this is only blocked on closed accounts where there's nothing left to pay. Before making another payment, I'd check there's still an outstanding balance. You can do this by logging in and going to 'My Account' followed by 'your account summary' and then 'past bills and transactions.' Hope this helps. Malc
  20. You're welcome citizenB. Happy to help. I'll update this thread again as the latest scheme unfolds with anything that might be relevant or of help to Caggers. Malc
  21. Morning all and, as promised, a quick update. We opened our Warm Home Discount Broader Group scheme for 2017/18 yesterday. Customers can now apply for this to receive payment by 31 March 18. From Monday 19 June 17, we'll start to contact customers who have already registered their interest. We'll send them either a paper application form or email a link to the online application form. That link is below. https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/saving-energy/need-little-extra-help/warm-home-discount/warm-home-discount-form The discount is the same as last year (£140). I'll update this thread with anything relevant as the scheme unfolds over the next few months. Hope this is useful. Malc
  22. Hello Paolo and hope the move went well. Don't worry, we're happy to accept meter readings from customers. I understand the meter is in a bit of an awkward spot but, if you're able to read it, let us have the reading and we can see about rebilling the account. Don't know if it's possible but a photo would be great. As unclebulgaria says, if the start reading given by the letting agency is wrong, we can look back at the readings we have for the property in the past and see when it started to go out of kilter. Our Home Moves team will be able to look at this for you. They're available on the phone or through our Social Media (twitter and Facebook) channels as well as the Live Chat service on our website. Hope this helps point you in the right direction Paolo. Malc
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