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  1. We are in the process of buying a property and business. We approached ASC in Hove , having been directed to them as our local office even though we are in North West Surrey and there is a branch in Weybridge. The first thing they wanted was a £750 fee payable to Greenbridges Ltd before they would start looking for loans for us. Nothing seemed to happen for months then they came back and said that Fincorp would be providing the finance but we would have to pay a valuation fee of £2,700. By lucky chance we had a contact with a Director of Fincorp and we said we weren't happy that it was ta
  2. About 4 years ago, we had some financial problems and GE Money tried to repossess our house. The matter went to Court and we got the Warrant suspended on payment of the monthly payment plus an amount off the arrears calculated by the Judge on the Norgren principle. Since then we have not missed a payment and the arrears are decreasing. At the end of October, GE Money started calling to say that there was no payment arrangement in place and they want the payment to be increased because the total debt was increasing because they had not declared the actuarial fee account in Court. The Judge
  3. The Actuarial Account is the one that Swift and the other seedy lenders don't want you to see. It is the one where they add all the additional fees and charges and charge interest on them which over the period of the loan can add up to many times the amount that you borrowed. Their hope is that you will never be able to pay off the loan so somewhere along the line they can get possession of the property. Basically they run two accounts for a borrower, the loan account, which has the initial borrowing and the broker's fee (which is normally well above the limits recommended by the FSA) and
  4. The thing that anybody dealing with Swift has to watch is that they do not produce the Actuarial Accounts in Court. We had problems a few years back and Swift tried to repossess. Luckily our situation stabilised and we were able to make an offer of payment of the monthly installment plus an amount off the arrears agreed in Court, which we have maintained for several years now. However according to the Credit Reference Agencies the outstanding amount is increasing by a much faster rate than the amount being paid off on the arrears. Twice I have got the Judge to demand that they produce th
  5. Firstly, I think that there should be proper procedure in issuing High Court Enforcement Orders with notification from the Court and the option to present a case before the Court before Bailiffs are allowed to take action. 2. Bailiff fees are excessive. To reduce this, a local Bailiff should always be used. I have recently had a problem with South East Water and we went to the County Court and presented the case that as an old age pensioner I was happy to pay on reasonable installments. South East Water had refused to set up a Direct Debit for payment on three separate occasions as there w
  6. My wife has just received a Statutory Demand for an alleged debt on a Capital One credit card accompanied by a letter from Hamptons Solicitors (a division of Lowell Financial). As far as I am aware there is no debt outstanding as my wife entered into a debt consolidation program with a loan from Alliance & Leicester to pay off all her credit cards. The last payment on the loan will be made next month (March 2011). I have had problems with being harrassed by this company before when the pursued me for two years over a "debt" on an HSBC Current Account despite my informing them that I
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