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  1. Lowell claimant BWLegal for communication documents. Yes Northampton business county court Sent CCA with po £1 to Lowell by recorded delivery have proof Debt for £1500 lady paid 09/2010
  2. Hi I got a court letter from Northampton for a catalogue debt. I sent a CCA letter to Lowell however got reply back from Lowell listing debts. They said I need to send a request to BWLegal as they dealing with this account. I thought they needed to send CCA to me and if they haven't got it they need to get it from either the original creditor or their solicitors? I'm I being given the run around or do I have to send another CCA letter to their solicitors which would take time which I don't have as the court papers need to be in thanks any help in
  3. Hi I got a letter from Mr Lender payday loans asking for £250 or they will make a personal visit to collect to my work place ( Can they approach my workplace? What do I do if they do?
  4. :-xHi I have a vanquis credit card. credit limit £500. I have had this card for over 2 years now. Promises of increased credit after 4 months are not true. I have never had an increase. I always pay more than the minimum amount each month. However have found that interest added takes me over my credit limit so i'm charged for this. Just had a letter saying they are increasing my interest rate to 41.2% for purchases. expensive card, failed promises and charges for going over credit limit on interest charges not purchases are painful
  5. Hi I have written to blackhorse for refund of PPI on 2 accounts which are statuted Barred debt however they are taking my PPI refund for debt/charges that was disputed. Can Blackhorse do this or are they trying it on?
  6. Thanks i will check and send them a copy of loan application they missed. I am still waiting my bundle to be delivered to local lloyds tsb branch regards mumsurfer
  7. Hi I have had a offer from lloyds tsb £2400. However, they have omitted 1 loan from 1996 that i a copy of the original loan application with ppi. They claim they don't have any more information due to passage of time. That extra loan was for £500, not a lot i know but ppi was on it. Loans for £4000 date August 2001 @ interest rate 14.88% over 60 months Loan for £1000 Nov 2002 @interest rate 16.62% per annum over 48 months refinanced Oct 2003 refinanced loan Nov 2002 £3,325 + £6,674 + £ 2,257 (ppi) = £10,000 loan + £2,257 @ 12.23% per annum for 60 months refinanced loan again rebate
  8. I have just read this on bbc business news site. (bbc.co.uk/news/business-16443598) Very interesting!! What does it mean? Will they still be able to produce documents such as agreements will it be the end of them?
  9. Hello and thanks for your help. I went in default on this account many years ago. The reason being I was being charged overdraft charges and default charges. I opened a basic account somewhere else as my part-time earnings, child tax credit and working tax credit was being swallowed up by the charges I had no money to live on.
  10. Hello, I have been told by letter that lloyds tsb will not refund excessive bank charges as they (the charges) are not unlawful? Has anyboby else had the same reply recently from lloydstsb? What do i do now any ideas? Thanks mumsurfer
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